Monday, March 14, 2011

An attempt at a look inspired by Nicole Scherzinger

Most people have probabaly heard of Nicole Scherzinger.  If you haven't, she was the lead singer of the pop girl group "The Pussycat Dolls."  Then she I think tried to have a solo career and last I knew she was on "Dancing With the Stars."  In case you can't tell, I don't pay that much attention haha.  All I know is that she's absolutely stunning and when I stumbled across this picture of her: 

I knew that I wanted to do a look like the one she has on in this picture.  So I'm going to show you (kinda step by step) what I did to try to recreate (somewhat haha) this look!

First I primed my eyelid with Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Next I put tape near my bottom lashline and out toward my temples because you can definitely tell that she had tape on her face
Then I used a black base (NYX's jumbo eye pencil in "Black Bean") and applied it with my finger on my lid to just above my crease and under my eye (under my eye I used a brush)
Next I added a little bit of MAC's "Blanc Type" eyeshadow along the line where I stopped with the black base, I did this because I find that it makes it easier to blend out darker colors if you have a layer of skintone shadow to blend on top of
Now I took some navy blue from my 88 matte/shimmer palette (I'll have all of the colors I used marked on the palette below) and another greenish blue color and blended them on top of the black base (I wanted it to get slightly lighter as you go up towards my brow):
Next I mixed a bunch of the yellowish/orangeish/brownish colors together and blended them above and into the blue
Then I filled in my brows because I don't like adding a highlight until my brows are filled in haha

Next I added a highlight color (I used NYX ultra pearl mania in "Nude" because it's a beautiful very shimmery golden color)
Now I added some eyeliner on my top lashes and on my waterline.  I used Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner in "Black" which I love because it stays on my waterline wonderfully!

Then I removed the tape

 Then I used some face powder to help soften the line that was left behind because it was a little too drastic haha.  And I just kept blending the colors together and adding more layers of the same colors I had already used until I was happy with the result.  And here is my completed eye:
I realize that her look is a bit darker than mine and she has WAY more lid space than I do but I'm pretty happy with the way it came out.

Here's the 88 palette that I have (I stole this picture from the MakeupGeek website because certain shadows of mine are broken and this was the only place I could find that has the same palette that I do, which is a mix of matte and shimmer shadows) and I have circled all of the shadows that I used from here
Well this was my first try at explaining step by step how I created a look.  You'll have to let me know if it was informative or not haha and what I could do to improve if it wasn't very helpful.  Any suggestions at all are more than welcome!!!  Thank you so so so much for taking time out of your day to check this out and I hope you enjoyed it!  I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful day!!! 


  1. LOVE your post! Definitely very informative, very helpful, beautifully done!!! Way to go!!

  2. I love this, and you even taught me somthing. The part about using a skin toned eyeshadow to help blend out darker colors, BRILLIANT! I would have never thought of that, And ive been struggling with that recently.

    I have a quick question, When you use NYX JEP In Black Bean, does it ever make your eyeshadows crease faster, than if you werent wearing it? What I do is, I apply TFSI, the the JEP, then the shadow. But sure enough about four to five hours later it has started to crease. It only does it with black bean, no other color. Does it do this to you, and if so, do you know how to prevent it? I would love your opinion.

    Also love the look, your gorgous, I always loved seeing your looks on Makeup Geek, and Im so happy you made a blog :)

  3. @Amalia, thank you so much!!!

    @Girtastic, I'm glad that I could help, it's something I started doing recently (with the skin color shadow) and it helps a lot when blending out the dark colors! When I wear black bean JEP, I don't have a problem with creasing, I do it the same way you do (primer, JEP, then shadow) and haven't had any problems. The only one I've had creasing problems with is the gold one. It must be something they do that would make different JEP's have different textures?? Thank you so much for reading this because I really respect all of your work on MUG too!!!