Saturday, December 17, 2011

Very quick post with my Candy Cane cut crease look!

I did this insane makeup today haha.  I completely feel like an elf or a Christmas stocking or something.  But at the same point in time, there's something I really like about it!  So here is the look I did!

Isn't it crazy haha?

What I used:
NYX JEP "milk"
NYX "Black" shadow
NYX "white" shadow
Sugarpill's Love+ Shadow
Calypso Mineral's "Envy" matte pigment
Calypso Minerals "Sublime" matte pigment
L'oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
Maybelline the falsies Volum' Express 
Kat Von D false lashes

Revlon Colorstay "Red" lipliner
NYX "Amersterdam" soft matte lip cream

It took me a while to do and when I open my eyes, the stripes like to blend together a little bit.  Oh well.  So now I'm going to walk around like this today haha.  This should be interesting.  I really don't like it when people look at me, it makes me very uncomfortable.  I definitely think this is a fun look, and after a few days of wearing just neutral colors, this is quite a welcomed change.  

I hope you guys like this look!  I entered this one in the makeupbee contest as well, the link is RIGHT HERE, if you'd be willing to vote for me!  

And my Calypso Minerals giveaway is ending on Monday night so make sure you ENTER HERE!!  Thank you all so much for your support!!!


  1. Beautiful look. i like the candy can affect u did .. flawless

  2. Oh. My. Gawd!! Its perfect!!!!

  3. This is incredible. I never would have thought to apply the candy cane colours on the waterline. Let us know what happened if you did end up wearing this out. Oh, and red lips: hell yes! More red! It looks so good on you.

  4. Very creative!

    I hear ya about people's one of the reasons I wear pretty conservative makeup, and haven't felt comfortable with colorful colors. I'm very self conscious!

  5. Love it. It's amazing as always!

  6. ooh so freakin' amazing! I'd like to here how it went as well :) love it with the red lips!

  7. SO refreshing to see somebody come up with a non-conventional Christmas look.


  8. Thank you ladies so much!!!

    I did end up wearing it to dinner at my father-in-law's house. He had a friend over (who's like 65). You couldn't see the stripes well if my eyes were open but I looked down and he goes, "whoa. Look down again!" and then he laughed at me haha. It was funny.

    I did go Christmas shopping a bit too and got some looks but nobody said anything to me haha.

  9. Wow! That's insanely beautiful! I can't believe how well that turned out on the waterline. I tip my hat to you! As dramatic as it is, you totally pull it off!

  10. WOW!! This is amazing! I looovvee it!!

  11. The most beautiful creative make up that I've ever seen!
    Kisses from Italy ^^