Monday, December 5, 2011

Reptile Series: Eastern Indigo Snake

When I came up with this idea for the reptile series, I really wanted to do a look inspired by this black snake I'd seen.  I just couldn't remember what it was called.  So I googled it and it was most definitely an Eastern Indigo Snake that I was thinking of.  I think they're really beautiful.  They're super dark and super shiny, I just think they're really cool.

So here's the snake:
This poor guy has to shed, that's why his eyes look like that

And the look I did inspired by these guys:

Haha obviously I was playing around with the editing on this one

I really wanted it to be shiny and intense.  I also was doing my shape to be kinda sinister feeling since snakes are often considered "evil".  I also had a really hard time getting a good picture of this look, I'm not sure why exactly but I wasn't diggin the way they were coming out.  Oh well!

What I used:
L'oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner in "Black Shock"
NYX Ultra pearl mania "Black pearl" (foiled)
Inglot 351 M
Warm, medium tan from my 88 palette
Inglot 393 P (highlight)
L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara
NYX Megashine Lipgloss in "Baby Rose" (it's basically clear with some glitter in it)

And I have a surprise!  I tried to do a tutorial!
It's the first one I've done that I actually think came out ok.  I still have no clue what I'm doing editing-wise but I gave it a shot.  You'll have to let me know what you think!  Just know that I'm super nervous (which you'll be able to tell if you watch the first 10 seconds haha).  

Any tips, pointers, or suggestions for videos are more than welcome!  And is there any way to make them upload to YouTube faster?  Man, it took like an hour.  And it's a 6 minute video!  Oh well!  I hope you like it!  I know the eyes look a little uneven so I went back and tried to fix it after I did the video.

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Thanks guys!!


  1. hehe love the video!!! just curious tho is there anyway you can zoom on your eye cuz your hand sometimes gets in the way and i cant see wat ur doing? and the snake kinda freaks me out >_< but i love ur interpretation of it! i'm looking forward to more video tutorials!! :) i subscribed! :)

  2. I have been anxiously waiting for the next look to come out(which is fucking gorgeous!) then I get the lucky surprise that you made your first video?! YAY!! I have been wanting you to make a video FOREVER!! I honestly couldn't tell you were that nervous, and I didn't think the shape was uneven at all. I wish the gloss didn't make the shadows crease because it is such a neat effect!

  3. Woooooooooo! Tutorials! Yes!!!!

  4. Okay, I had time to go back and watch the video in full.

    The look reads really well on camera, and the quality of the video is so good. I hate filming in my crappy basement apartment, the lighting is so bad - yours is so crisp and detailed, great for following along. Don't be nervous (I know, I know, easier said than done) - you did a really good job.

    What camera did you use to film?

  5. Yes, tutorials! Bring it on! This look is incredible.

  6. Yay on your first video! You did great...I think the only thing I would say is to find a comfortable way to face the camera a little more instead of looking towards the side if that makes sense but I know this is your first vid so you will make adjustments to your liking just wanted to give some friendly totally did wayyy better than I would if I did a video! It scares me to do one! hahaha

  7. @Isabella: I definitely have to work with my camera angles! I don't have a tabletop mirror so I have my camera on top of stacked boxes and a huge full length mirror next to my table so that's why it's at that angle. But as I continue to try tutorials hopefully I'll get better at it!!

    @Kassie: Aw thank you sooo much! I feel so naked having done a video haha.

    @Meredith Jessica: Thank you! I filmed it in my kitchen, which has decent natural light and I just used the same camera I use to take pictures with which is my Canon PowerShot A2100 IS. It just sucks because I can't see what I'm shooting, the whole time I was filming I was hoping I was in the frame!

    @olgiepolgie: thank you so much!

    @Miranda: Thank you! I definitely will work on that! It scares me too! My husband came home and watched it and I could hear my voice and it made me so uncomfortable haha!

  8. WOW!! This is such a cool look:) Loving your video:)

  9. omgoshh I love this look! What i love even more is that you made a video for it! woohoo :) I love your voice haha, I didn't really "picture" it in my head to sound like tht.. well I didn't really picture it at all haha but anyways... hope to see more vids from you!

  10. That is such a cool look! I wish I could pull it off but it's not exactly school-appropriate makeup... I'm loving the video ♥

  11. i love this look and your video was great, id definitely wear something like this on a big night out

  12. iam in love with this look ! this would look great in pictures & photoshoots , iam gonna re do it on my blog that's how much i like it !

    liked the tutorial too , keep em' coming