Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick post about contouring!

I don't know if you guys are into contouring your faces but I most definitely am.  I have a face that is lacking in bone structure.  I don't have very well defined cheekbones, a kinda wide nose, and I have a relatively large forehead.  Luckily, there is contouring which helps me to look like I have nicer cheekbones, a nice nose, and a smaller forehead.  So here is what I look like before and after my contouring.
Obviously, besides just adding more color to my face, you can see how much more narrow my forehead looks.  And my nose.  And my cheeks look way more defined (still not how I'd like them to look but hey, it's what I've got haha).  

So here are the tools I use to do this:
There's my ELF blush/bronzer duo which I use every single day.  
Obviously I use the bronzer more than the blush haha.  
Then there's NYX's "taupe" blush.  Which I use sparingly as it makes my skin
 look grey if I use too much.
Then I have a Revlon Colorstay highlighter.  But any light shimmery color will do.
And I have my Sonia Kashuk stippling brush (for the highlighter) and everything else is done with my angled blush brush.  I really like the angled brush because it helps me get up under my cheekbones nicely.  
Whoops, I also use a large fluffy eyeshadow brush because I contoured my eye socket too with the taupe blush.

I think if you haven't ever given contouring a try, you should.  Even if you don't have anything weird on your face like I do (hello nose!), there's no shame in playing up what you've got!  If you have awesome cheekbones, show those suckers off!  
Meredith Jessica from Pigments and Palettes actually shows how she contours in this video:

She starts the contouring around 5:00 but you should still watch the whole thing!


  1. Love this! I contour with my ELF blush/bronzer duo all the time. It makes such a difference while providing definition and "shape" to my sometimes too soft face...

  2. I have the same problem! Very round face so my cheeks look chubby. I have recently learned how to properly contour and it makes a huge difference!

  3. I just started getting in contouring...still learning how to really do it on my face though. So I wanna know, Where is the Halloween looks??? I would love to see what you create for a Halloween look! Or even some advice on a look...I actually just did a post asking for help haha and your one of the ones that I thought of since your eye makeup is so fun and perfect looking!

  4. I can totally see a difference! I'm not a hardcore contour-er, but when I do I most do my nose, and cheekbones.

  5. love the color on your lips...what is it!? =)

  6. Very nicely done! I can totally see the difference. Thanks for the video shoutout too, that was very sweet of you.

  7. I'll definately check this video... i really need to improve at contouring my forehead and nose. i think i'm getting better at my cheeks especially if i have good lighting;) btw, you look beautiful before and after contouring- but i do see the differences :) great job

  8. @Nikosmommy: I love it too! This will have been the third one I've gone through! I haven't found a bronzer that has as natural of a color for the price of this so I love it!

    @Amber: I agree!

    @Miranda: you know what? I actually hadn't even thought about doing Halloween looks! I guess I thought that my looks aren't usually all that dramatic that it just hadn't even crossed my mind! I think I will do some! Thank you!

    @Ronnie: haha I showed it to my husband and he goes, "you look the same." Which I guess is good that he doesn't think it's obvious, but a makeup person will know!

    @prettyinpink: it's Revlon ColorBurst lipgloss in "papaya" it's a gorgeous color!

    @Meredith Jessica: You're welcome, I learned some stuff from your contouring video that I hadn't seen before so I thought it was a very useful thing for people to see!

    @Story of a Girl: thank you! I think it just makes me feel a little better when I do it, I don't feel as... naked I guess would be a good way of putting it.

  9. Haven't been here in a while! OMG you colored your hair! Love it :D Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed reading it!

  10. My face lacks bone structure too!! I have to contour!! Love how you did the before & after!!

  11. You are soooo pretty! I love your eyes!