Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

So in my thinking about what to do for Halloween, I finally decided to do a Drag Queen look.  I just think drag makeup is so much fun with all of the glitter and bright colors and just how dramatic it is.  I've only tried to cover my eyebrows one other time and it didn't work out that well because the glue stick I had was junk.  So I made sure to get some Elmer's glue this time!  So here's my final look!

My daughter took this picture.  I don't have a costume haha so this is what I'm wearing. 

I had sooo much fun doing this!  For real, this was the most fun I've ever had doing makeup.  I know you can't really see the sparkles (any advice on how to get glitter to show up on camera???) but I swear they're there.  I used Petrilude's video (the glue stick method) to help me cover my brows.  It worked pretty well.  You could still kinda see where my brows were, even after foundation, concealer, and powder, but with the eyeshadow on it really doesn't matter.  Oh, just f.y.i, shadow doesn't like to apply as nicely on glue as it does on skin.

Then to draw on my new brows I used the brown ELF studio cream liner ($3 at Target) and it worked PERFECTLY!  I was worried about them not looking right but I think they look great!

What I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
88 palette (dark turquoise blue)
NYX "Black" eyeshadow
Inglot shadows 371 M (bright blue), 352 M (skintone color)
NYX JEP "Milk" right under new brow and all over lid
NYX silver liner
NYX ultra pearl manias "Lime" and "Yellow"
Jesse's Girl sparkly white/gold pigment
Bed Head White Eyeshadow under brow
Bobbi Brown "Black Ink" gel liner
MAC "Blacktrack" fluidline
Kat Von D lashes from the Tattoo Chronicles Palette
L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black

ELF blush/bronzer duo
NYX "Taupe" blush to contour
A random no name pink blush I have
Inglot 351 M to highlight under eyes
Same Jesse's Girl pigment to highlight cheeks and add sparkle

A brown eyeliner
MAC "Pink Friday" lipstick
MAC "Right Image" cremesheen glass

And then I teased my hair like crazy, which is not my thing at all haha.

This was so much fun to do!  For real, if you ever have a chance to rock some drag makeup, do it!  Ashii had suggested that I do a drag look like forever ago and I've wanted to I just didn't have anywhere to wear it haha.  So trick-or-treating here I come!  I hope you guys all have fun and stay safe!!!  Take pictures and show me what you're being!!!


  1. Holy crap! This is so freaking awesome!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Like seriously, best look ever! I love the blending( i know what you mean with the shadows not wanting to blend on glue) but you made it work! So perfect! Love the shape also, and the colors. I love everything about this!

  2. Oh my god. Okay, I'm almost glad I didn't take your amazing suggestion to do drag makeup for halloween because it was never going to be THIS good. I LOVE drag makeup, I LOVE this, and I LOVE you for being so awesome. Just love love love all around.

  3. ooh this is amazing! I guess you don't remember ages ago that I suggested drag queen makeup when you asked for suggestions- I will take this as you doing it he he.
    but my god this is perfect- If I didn't know any better I would have thought you were a drag queen :P

  4. Thank you guys!!!

    @Kassie: Thank you!!! Your comments mean so much to me!

    @Meredith Jessica: Haha thank you! I love the look you did anyways! You should still do some drag makeup just because I can only imagine how yours would look!

    @Ashii: I remember! I gave you a little shout out in that last paragraph! I totally had been itching to do drag makeup since you suggested it to me!

  5. ohh haha I never saw that for some reason lol! AT least you finally had a reason to do it :)

  6. lovely look, thanks for brow tip..:)

  7. Oh my gosh, I love this.. its sooo cute.. I was wondering if you have the 1st edition 120 palette. and if you did if you could do some tutorials for me.. I just love your looks..

  8. This is so cool, I love the shape and the eyelashes!

  9. This is so beyond awesome! This is just gorgeous! The shape of this.. the colours.. oh my.. great work!

  10. OMG this is so amazingly awesome!!! Great always!

  11. OMG this is just so freakin' fantabulous!! I'm in love, seriously. I'd wear this everyday if I could, lol. Amazing, per usual <3

  12. Thank you guys so so much! I'm proud of this guy haha.

    @ishadowcrazi: I don't actually have a 120 palette at all, I only have an 88 palette but there are usually very similar colors in the palettes. I can take a look and see if there are similar colors in my palette as there are in yours and see what I can come up with. Are there any type of looks in particular that you like (dramatic, neutral, smokey)?

    @Ronnie: haha I would wear it every day too if it didn't take so darn long! I was like a little kid on Christmas as it was coming together. My husband was laughing at me because he came in to see how I was doing and he asked if I was hungry and I was like "I don't know... I'm too excited to be hungry" haha

  13. wow! that looks so amazing! the lines are perfect and it's also blended perfectly.


  14. I'm soooo late to this but this is AMAZING!!!! I love it!!!