Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Review

The one product I use that I completely swear by is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector. I have said before if I was only allowed to choose one makeup product to ever have, that it would have been that.  However, Maybelline decided to discontinue making this product.  What a bummer for me.  So I had to find something else to use.  I decided to grab this, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer.  Here's what it looks like
It would have been more helpful if I had showed you the side that's in English, right?  Whoops haha.
 Just a forewarning, you will have to twist this little bugger for days for the product to start coming out.
It has a little sponge applicator

I do not have crazy dark circles.  I just have a little bit of darkness under my eyes that needs some brightening.  I also have little creases under my eyes that I've always had (my daughter has them too) and I've never liked the feeling of a creamy concealer under my eyes, it's always felt too heavy and showed off my little creases too much.  That's why I loved the Double Ended Face Perfector:

One side is a concealer (for blemishes, redness, etc.) and the other side is a highlighter to use under your eyes

This is the highlighting end.  You can see it has a little brush to apply the highlighter with.

This is the concealer end.  This concealer is AWESOME for covering blemishes!  I swear!  Now I'm using Maybelline's Super Stay concealer and that works well too.  Definitely try it if you're having a hard time getting a natural coverage of your blemishes or redness!
Now, this new Dark Circle Eraser works really well too.  The formula is still really light and it doesn't feel heavy or cakey.  I don't know if they just took the highlight formula from the Double Ended guy and put in here?  But whatever, it works for me.  I think I did prefer the brush applicator as opposed to the sponge but it doesn't really matter because I just apply it with the sponge and dab it around with my fingers anyways.  It does a great job for me and it's really all I need to cover my darkness.

Here's my with no product under my eyes

Here's where I apply the eraser treatment.  Pretty, huh?  Haha

And after it's blended in (not set with powder yet though).  I like to blend it out in an upside down triangle shape under my eyes.  I learned it from Kandee Johnson. 

And a close up side by side so you can see the difference

As you can see, my before isn't awful but I definitely need some brightening and this does the trick.  I'm not sure how this would work for someone with really dark circles, the coverage might not be full enough.  This will be my new staple for my under eye concealer.  I think I paid around $7 for this at WalMart.  Hopefully they won't discontinue this product on me!  I'd recommend at least trying this product, it's quite inexpensive and if you hate it, most drugstores will take it back no questions asked (with a receipt)!


  1. I just bought this concealer yesterday. I hope it works just as great for me. Great post!

  2. Wow!! I can totally tell the difference! I use Touche Magique or something, from L'Oreal but this is probably cheaper so I might have to grab some. Crazy!

  3. I was just about to buy this but put it back...i guess i'll be making my way over to the drug store again today to finally make the purchase. thanks for the review =)

  4. Might have to try this! I have the Double Ended blah blah whatever, lol. I found it at my local Grocery Outlet for like 2 bucks, and I like it.

    And jeez, when did you lashes get so long?!? They look stunning!

  5. Looks nice...Just curious~ what foundation do you use? Your skin always looks amazing! I am almost out of mine that I love but don't want to pay for that anymore(its a little pricey) so looking for a good replacement!

  6. @Meme: let me know how you like it! I always like hearing other people's opinions!

    @smashinbeauty: thank you for looking!

    @Meredith Jessica: Oh good! Let me know what you think if you try it!

    @prettyinpink: I'm glad it was helpful!

    @Angie: haha, I'll have to look in clearance bins places and see if they have more! Haha thanks about the lashes! They definitely stand out when I don't have any eyeshadow on!

    @Miranda: I use Revlon Colorstay colors Buff and Sand Beige mixed together. And I like it but the real secret is my concealer because even with the foundation, you can still see my red marks and blemishes when I have them!

  7. You have absolutely no dark circles in the before photo. Totally jealous!

  8. I had to check out your review! HE HE.. Your such a pretty lady! and a beautiful family too!

  9. Thanks for the tip on the applicator I thought there was something wrong with it!!