Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BEYOND easy last minute Halloween idea... a Golden Goddess look

I know there has to be people like me out there who like the whole going all out for Halloween idea, you just don't happen to be going to any parties so you have a hard time justifying buying a costume.  So that's where it can be tricky to figure out what to do because you want to do something that still looks good whether you have a real costume or not.  So I came up with this SUPER easy idea that really only has one main product that makes the whole look.

What you need: a golden toned pigment.  Yup.  That's pretty much it.  I used a Jesse's Girl (I know they're sold at Walgreens, I'm not sure if they're in the other drugstores or not) glittery pigment that, when you look at the product in the container looks more white than gold, but when you swatch it, you definitely see the gold.

I used a primer on my lid first (as always) and then I mixed a bit of the pigment with some water and made an almost paste-like consistency (just slightly more watery).  I applied that all over my lid up to the crease and in the inner corner of my eye and the outer third of my bottom lid.  This technique, where you wet a pigment, is called foiling.  I've only tried it a few times before.  It makes the pigment more metallic looking and makes them more intense.

From the foiled part, I blended a bit of the dry pigment up to a matte highlight color (for Halloween, I'd probably do this a shimmery color though).  I added a light, basic winged liner.  And then I went bananas adding that same pigment to my cheekbones.  Like bananas (which you cannot see well in the pictures but I swear I look like a metallic sparkly fairy or something haha).  To make that more metallic, I did one spray of my MAC Fix + spray on the back of my hand and stippled my Sonia Kashuk stippling brush in it, then I stippled over top of the pigment I had added to my cheekbones.  While that was still damp, I added more pigment on top of it so it was ridiculously sparkly and golden.

For my lips, I applied Revlon's "Nude Attitude" matte lipstick and took the same pigment and patted it on top of the lipstick.

And then for hair, I'd probably do loose waves with a gold headband or something (I literally had to run to get my daughter off the bus after I did this, so I didn't make this as well done as I should have) and DEFINITELY gold jewelry (which I don't own, I wear white gold or silver).  And if I personally were going to wear this look on Halloween, I'd just rock jeans (or a white skirt or dress) and a plain white t-shirt because I think you'd get the idea of what I was going for without my actually having a costume.  Of course, it would be better if you had a costume, but if you don't this can still work.

And once I finished doing this, I got to go to my daughter's bus stop (which is at someone's house) looking like a golden glittery crazy person haha.  I wondered if I should have told them why I was wearing that makeup but I just left it alone haha, we'll just let them think I'm insane haha.  I know you can't tell from the pictures but I swear, it's SOOO sparkly!

I hope this helps someone out there whether you're wearing a real costume or not!  A few minor details would really make this look, I just wasn't prepared to do this haha, it just came to me.  I hope you all are having a great week!  Let me know what you're going to be for Halloween, I always like hearing what people are being!


  1. That gold is gorgeous. Such a pretty look.

  2. Love this look Sonja! It goes so well with your dark look gorgeous!! :)

  3. I love how you did the eyeliner very pretty!

  4. Thank you ladies! I know it's not the most dramatic look ever but it definitely was more so than you can see in the pictures. My husband got home from work and he asked what was up with my drag queen makeup because of how sparkly my face was haha.

  5. The lips are my favorite part by far. I must say though, while I'm loving the new dark locks I feel like this would have looked EXTRA stunning with your blonde hair. So good, great easy idea for Halloween!

  6. Beautiful, i love it perfect look, hope u can follow back