Saturday, October 22, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Look

Hey guys!  Sorry I've been MIA for the past few days, I haven't felt that well so I've just been a bum haha.  But I decided to do my makeup today and to do a Breast Cancer Awareness look (I also entered in the MUG challenge).  I'm pleased with how it came out, my husband called it crazy but what does he know haha?  So here's the look I did!

This one doesn't show the eye makeup very well but I'm diggin the shimmer on my cheeks.
For this look I used my 88 palette, the colors marked with a yellow heart
Inglot DS 496 (a matte white with sparkles)
Inglot 382 M (a bright pink red)
MAC blacktrack fluidline to line.  
And on my lips, I have NYX "Narcissus" lipstick topped with MAC "Right Image" Cremesheen Glass.

So I hope you like this look!  Make sure you all do your self exams at home and keep healthy so hopefully, even if we can't stop breast cancer completely, we can catch it early enough so we don't have to lose any more beautiful women to it!  Stay strong and my heart goes out to anyone whose lives have been touched by this horrible disease!  Thanks so much guys!  Love you all!


  1. This is such a beautiful look, and so flawlessly executed. Very touching words as well <3

  2. your blending is so impressive, you've gotten even better at it.... wish i had the brow space you do.

  3. Love it!! Im going to be posting my breast cancer look soon as well. Damn Sonja!! I love all of your looks!

  4. youv done it again,creating another gorgeous look! perfect for breast cancer awareness month :)

  5. @Meredith Jessica: aw, thanks! I always feel so special when you comment on my blog!

    @Mannequins Dream: Thank you!

    @olgiepolgie: thank you so much!

    @Story of a Girl: thank you! It's weird for me to look back at things and wonder why I thought they looked good haha.

    @Kassie: aw, thanks! I love all of your looks too!

    @Ashii: Thank you!!!

  6. hello there fellow blogger I had to stop by , I saw your amazing work on the MUG site and had to check your blog out... of course following now ...
    I too entered on this since a few weeks back I created a pink look too !

    blessings hun
    I invite you to check out my blog!

  7. Hey..!
    Lovely post!
    aND GORGEOUS look! I Love it..!
    You inspired me to do a "PINK" look for my blog too..!!

  8. OMG Congrats on winning the MUG challenge this month!! Its about time you won! I swear every challenge you enter I think you should win but you don't so its soooo awesome to see you finally won!! MUCH DESERVED!! :D

  9. Congrats on winning! You do a great job of creating dramatic looks that are attractive rather than crazy. You're always an inspiration :)