Sunday, January 8, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Swatches and a neutral look!

I've heard a little bit about these Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows (and I'm sure you have too haha) but I was curious about them and wanted to see how they worked.  I have previously not had great luck with drugstore cream shadow products.  You know those Revlon Illuminance Cream shadows (they come in a black container with 4 colors)? I bought some of those and they are HORRIBLE!  They crease soooo fast.  And that's with a primer underneath and a shadow on top.  Do not waste your money on them.

I mean, I love my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils for the most part and I use the color "milk" almost every single day.  I just feel like my colors show up so much better when I use a base.  And recently I was introduced to a MAC paintpot.  I stinkin love that thing.  Unfortunately, I decided on a color that isn't one that I can use a lot (the color "Delft", it's a gorgeous teal color) so I use it when it's appropriate but that's not very often.

So when I had been hearing things about these Maybelline Color Tattoos and then I saw them at WalMart the other night, I figured I should grab a couple and see what I thought.  There are quite a few colors out there and they were something like $5.84 (WalMart and their weird prices) apiece.  As I already own a teal base, I figured I should pass on those.  As I don't think I would ever use a frosty white base, I thought I should pass on that, and there were a couple other shimmery gold/bronze colors that I didn't think I'd use very often.

So here are the colors I decided on!

First, I chose Painted Purple because, well, I love purple.

This one was pretty disappointing.  It's not got a nice texture the other two do.  It's kinda shimmery.  And to get it to apply evenly, you need a really thin layer, at which point you're kind of just left with a purple tint.  I may end up returning this one as I just don't really think I'll use it very often.  

Then I chose Tough as Taupe

This one is a completely different story.  This one is my favorite.  The texture feels exactly like my MAC paintpot.  It's a matte finish and it's perfect.  I think this one would work AMAZINGLY in conjunction with the Naked 2 palette from what I've seen of the colors in that palette.

And then I was very intrigued by Fierce & Tangy

I saw it and thought, "do I really need an orange base?"  Well, no, I don't.  But I've never seen a color quite like this.  In the container it looks almost coral but it's definitely orange.  It has a very slight shimmer to it.  The texture is almost the same as Tough as Taupe, but not quite as thick.  The color reminds me so much of the Dior runway show makeup from Spring/Summer 2011

Here are the swatches, I wanted to show them how I would use them too.  I don't think I'd use them as a shadow, I think I'd use them as a base so I wanted to show how they effected certain shadows that I could think of that I would use with them.  So in these pictures there is a swatch of the Color Tattoo alone, a shadow alone and below that, a swatch of the shadow over the Color Tattoo, if that makes sense:

And now my look!  I used the Fierce & Tangy as a base and used my Naked palette for this look:

I have done this look before, same exact color placement, just no orange base:

As you can see, the orange base definitely made this look much warmer and more vibrant!

So overall, I'd definitely recommend the orange and taupe colors.  I'll have to give the purple one another chance but I'm thinking that one's a no go.  I mean, these are less than $6 at WalMart (probably like $8 or $9 at the drugstore) and I absolutely think they're worth that.  I LOVE using bases as they can alter the color of shadows and make you get almost more than one color from one shadow.

Do you have any of these Color Tattoo shadows yet?  What do you think of them??

I hope this helps someone out!  Let me know what you think!


  1. great post! i keep hearing about these and never wanted to try them, but you convinced me!
    i love how you showed the same look with and without the orange base, it looks amazinggg.

  2. I was just looking at those last night at Walgreens. Those things are $9 at my Walgreens. I may have to pick a couple up when I go to Wal-Mart later. Thank you for helping me make up my mind haha. Such a bad (good) influence hehe!

  3. Love the eye look! I bought Tough as Taupe and Fierce & Tangy, and I love them both. Tough as Taupe is a must have IMO.

  4. Hmmm, may have to get that tough as taupe when my naked 2 arrives. I have never used as base before, only primer. You have really shown me how a base could intensify the colors! Thanks!

  5. Oops.... Never used a base, not "as" base, LOL!

  6. I heard that the white one was pretty good?

  7. I just got 3 of these at Walmart a few dys ago :) I got the Tough as Taupe as well, the teal and the purple. Now you've made me see I need the orange! Love the paint by numbers bit again!

  8. I like this look a lot :) I never thought of the orange as being a wearable color, but it looks really nice on you. It take away from being bright orange with the gold e/s very pretty!

  9. thanks for sharing, did know these existed!

  10. I love what the orange one does to the color! I think I will buy that one! Gorgeous look as well!

    I saw these in the supermarket and now I am defiantly going to buy at least one.

  11. I JUST bought two of these today, will review tomorrow. I really wanted that taupe and purple one, but my Ulta was pretty wiped out of these. I picked up the shimmery white and the teal. I'm excited to try them!

  12. Oh why do I follow makeup blogs? I'm trying to save money, haha! Not gonna happen, apparently. :P

    I have never heard of these until just now, and I must have them! Do you think they would work as an eyeliner as well?

    1. Having several of these myself, no, I don't think they'd work as a liner. They are very similar to MAC's paint pots but 1/3 the price!

  13. I love the neutral look you created using the orange base, it's amazing how different it looks over a different coloured base! I'm really excited by the colour selection Maybelline are offering with these, it's very un-drugstore ;]

  14. Awesome! I love what the coloured base did for the look. I really like the look of these. I definitely want to give them a go when they reach Australia.

  15. I bought three of these and didn't even look at the I have to see if they have them left! I love how this turned out! =)

  16. I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award over at my blog :)Sorry if you already have it, you probably do!

    That orange is so nice! I haven't seen these in the UK yet :(

  17. Thank you guys so much!

    @Leticia: I 100% agree that Tough as Taupe is a must have!

    @Emily: haha I feel the same way! Why do I follow blogs when I know they're just going to convince me that I need to have more products in my life haha. I would assume they may work as a liner. It wouldn't translate as a dark liner but they're not supposed to move for 24 hours so I think it'd last.

    @SilhouetteScreams: I know! I was impressed with the fact that a drugstore company would even have an orange. The majority of people wouldn't wear orange but I'm glad they took a chance with it (of course at WalMart they had a ton of the orange ones left and only 1 white one haha).

  18. I layer my purple one. Just let it dry a little bit and then add more. It turns opaque! =) pretty look too =)

  19. So beautiful!! I just pick up the purple one, but I think Im going for more:)

  20. I got a bunch of them last night and I love them ... I did a look with mine today. I got 7 different colors and I love what you did with the orange one here. I'm definitely gonna try that! Here is my review/swatches:

    and my first look:

  21. I'm definitely going to pick up a few of these when I get a chance! But I really want them to make a "Painterly" dupe color!!!!

  22. Great review!!! I really want to check these out and now will avoid the purple... :)

  23. Great review! I have the painted purple and the audacious asphalt. I find the purple the same way so I layer it a few times (also over a primer). The asphalt I wear a lot. I had pomegranate and the emerald on my hit list to buy next but now I think, after reading your blog, to get the taupe as well.