Monday, January 23, 2012

A rusty look using Beauty From the Earth!

My order from Beauty From the Earth came the other day and I was super excited to get to use them.  I ordered the Metallic & Jewels set and when doing that, you didn't get a choice as to what colors you received, they just sent you colors.  But you got 3 full sized jars and 3 samples.  So here's what my order looked like!  Each of the sample baggies had one of their business cards stapled to it.
My full sized jars are Wonder Woman colors haha!

So the first jar is Spellbound, which the describe as a "Dark shimmery blue between a royal and navy blue."

Next is Dragon Slayer, which there is no description for on their site.  But I'd call it a burnt mustard/gold color

And the last full sized jar I got is Vamp, which they describe as, "Deep wine red with copper sparkles."

The sample baggies (I've never used a loose shadow from a baggie before so this was weird for me).

And swatches!  I wanted to show swatches when applied differently.  So the left column is a dry swatch.  The middle is over Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper (I swear this stuff is like magic for loose colors like this!).  The right column is foiled with water.

I'm WAY disappointed in Laura.  I expected a much better color payoff.  Red Hot is an interesting color.  It's very glittery, which of course, you can't tell in my pictures because that's how it works haha.  And Cheap Thrills is super unique, especially when applied wet.  

If I had been able to pick three full sized jars from these colors, it would have been the colors they sent me full sized jars of.  They say that they have 1-3 grams of product in a jar which is not really small difference.  I'm not sure how they measure them out but you'd think there'd be a more consistent amount of product per jar.  But they're only $6.50 apiece which is great.  They apply exactly how I expect a loose shadow to apply.

I did a look using Vamp and Dragon Slayer today.  I'm not much for wearing reds and rust colors, though I like what they do for my eyes, I feel like they suck the life from my skin.  But here's the look I did which I surprisingly liked a lot!

Vamp is probably my favorite color.  It's so gorgeous.  There's a little bit of glitter but not too much and it's just stunning foiled!

What I'm wearing:
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
BFTE "Vamp" foiled on lid
Urban Decay "Buck" to blend up from crease
BFTE "Dragon Slayer" above crease
Inglot 351 M for highlight area
Bobbi Brown gel liner "Black Ink"
Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express mascara

ELF studio cream liner "Coffee"
Anastasia brow pencil "Blonde"
Anastasia brow powder duo "Taupe"

Monistat Anti Chafing Gel as primer
Carmindy for Sally Hansen Your Skin Foundation in "Porcelain" (WAYY too light)
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in "Buff"  (too dark)
(since Revlon, L'oreal, and MAC supported SOPA I've been avoiding their products)
Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser in "Fair"
Maybelline Super Stay concealer in the second to lightest shade
Covergirl Professional loose powder in Translucent Fair
ELF Studio blush/bronzer duo
Ulta "Girlie" blush
Benefit "Coralista" blush as cheek highlight

Buxom "Debbie" lipgloss

Man, that's a lot of products!!  That's because I just keep adding stuff to my face until it looks right haha.  I'm sure I'd stop sooner if I didn't have so much makeup!  I don't usually list everything I use but I know some people like to know what foundation and stuff randomly so I'll try to post that stuff!

I hope you enjoyed this!  If you're in the market for mineral shadows, check out Beauty From the Earth.  They're really not that expensive, $6.50 for a full sized jar (a Lime Crime shadow is $14, granted, they're bigger) and my order was shipped the day after I placed it which is quite quickly.  I placed my order Wednesday night, it was shipped Thursday and was here on Saturday.  So that gets a thumbs up from me!!


  1. wooow, this looks amazing! Reddish looks are hard to pull off and you pulled it off beautifully.

  2. Man, I feel like I'm really behind on this BFTE trend. I want to buy Dragon Slayer based on its name alone though. Love me some dragon colors. Which reminds me, the palette you used for this look reminds me of like a dragons eye or something. Badass. Love when you try out new color combos.

  3. Very pretty! It goes so nicely with your eyes :)

  4. The three shadows you got in full size are OMG :o Amazing!! Very unique colors and amazing payoff from what I see! I know what you mean about getting pigment in baggies being weird. I received my coastal scents glitters in little baggies because I got the sample size

    And that look you created! :o You seriously need to wear warm colors more often, it does wonders for you skin tone. Makes you look so tan and beautiful! LOVE!! Great post, Sonja! I am hopefully going to order from them soon!

  5. Holy crap! This is sooo amazing! The colour combo is so hot.

  6. Amazzzingggg as always :) Vamp is so lovely!

  7. This is a gorgeous look!

    As far as the sample bags go, I always buy the little tiny travel pots and pour it in there, much easier to use!

  8. The warms colors make your eyes pop and your skin glow! HOT!

  9. Gorgeous! I love this! Samples in baggies are a little difficult to use. I have so many of them and hardly reach for them because they are a PITA!

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  11. Gorgeous swatches and lovely eye makeup as usual.

  12. wow- super intense look!! Those pigments are awesome!

  13. I love this look, gorgeous! I love BFTE, I've been a happy customer for over a year and don't plan on stopping soon lol. Their shipping is always super fast which I love, and they have the best customer service ever. They also have a contest going on all year on their Facebook page, all you have to do is post pics of looks you do using BFTE products and if one of your pics gets chosen, you win a full jar of shadow! Last year I won like 10 free jars lol, it's awesome :)

  14. Super hot look! I was on the fence about buying from BFTE, but now that I see it swatched, I will def buy!

  15. The look you did with these is amazing! I don't have anything from BFTE, but this makes me at least want to try a couple samples out. ;) Thanks!

  16. Thanks guys! I definitely think they're worth trying. Especially when applied over Lime Crime's Eyeshadow helper or foiled. Dry I wasn't super impressed, Dragon Slayer is the best, but they're definitely worth a shot!!