Saturday, November 5, 2011

Three looks from this past week

I'm sorry I've been super boring and haven't posted anything in a few days.  I've taken some pictures of my makeup but I've been too lazy to upload them haha.  So I finally did it!

This first look I like if my eyes aren't open (which isn't really a good thing, I rarely walk around with my eyes closed haha).  When my eyes are open, it really does nothing for me.

See what I mean?  It doesn't do anything good for my eyes at all

Haha can you tell I changed my mind about my waterline color?  I had it black and then wanted it white.
This look was inspired by Tanja's "When Ken Dumped Barbie" look on MakeupBee (I forgot to put this in here originally, I'm sorry!!)
I used :
Inglot shadows:
 DS 496
372 M
392 M
351 M
A bright pink and a dark brown from my 88 palette 
NYX "black" eyeshadow

And this is a look I wore on a date night with the hubby.  I actually got a lot of compliments on it (while we were eating, a guy came over and told me how great my eye makeup looked and how it looked like it should be in a Maybelline commercial haha).  It's been really cloudy out I've been having a hard time taking pictures (I like my natural sunshine for my pictures!!). Some have been taken inside and some have been taken in bad outdoor lighting haha.
(with flash)

(no flash)

no flash again
I used:
Kat Von D "Redemption"
Inglot 388 M
Inglot 379 M
Inglot 351 M

And this last one I did when I was in a neutral mood.  I've done a similar look before but I like it so I did it again

I used:
Inglot 419 P on lid
Inglot 450 P above crease
Urban Decay "Twice Baked" in crease
MAC "Vanilla" pigment as a highlight

And that's about it!  The other day when I went to get my daughter off the bus, the mom who lives at the house where her bus stop is came out to wait for her sons and said, "You'll never believe the randomness... I found your blog."  Isn't that awesome?  I think it's so funny that she found me (I hadn't told her I have a blog).  But I feel relieved because now she knows why my makeup is crazy sometimes haha. 

I know these looks aren't that exciting but I figured I'd post them anyways!  Thank you so much for checking this out!!!  


  1. You're so pretty, it's hard for any look not to be amazing on you. Is that first one inspired by RoseShock's crying barbie look?? I like the last one best, I think it's the most flattering on you of all of them, and your hair looks AMAAAAZING

  2. Love these looks.
    The fact that's it's Inglot - well, that's just and added fun bonus.

  3. Meredith Jessica: Oh my gosh! It totally was my inspiration! Thank you for saying that! I totally forgot to put it in there! Off to give credit where it's due (now I feel kinda bad for not remembering to put it in there!)! And thank you!!!

    @Gone2RehabBRB: Thank you so much!!

  4. The first one looks just as amazing with your eyes open!
    And your hair is so shiny and gorgeous, I have hair envy!

  5. Amazing looks Sonja. All three! The blue/indigo shadow in the second looks is a super gorgeous color!

  6. Wow such an amazing look! Love the color choices.

  7. They're all really amazing looks. Your blending skills are amazing. Love!

  8. love them all! especially the first look. I agree that it looks better with your eyes closed, but it still looks good open! Man the 2nd look is gorgeous too, funny that I wore my hair exactly like that the other day! haha. & of course the last look is made for your eyes!
    haha what a coincidence that she found your blog! =)

  9. Sonja, hope you know how ridiculously talented you are! All three looks are splendid, but the 2nd is my fav. I have a soft spot for purple :)

  10. Thank you all sooo much! I appreciate your comments so very much!

    @LD: haha thanks, I think the bathroom lighting made it look shinier or something

  11. Girl you are soooo talented!!!!I love the third look the most.. great job!!!

  12. I agree with everyone whole heartedly; you are talented and beautiful.

    The third look is gorgeous. I keep wanting to say Greek Goddess! Love the hair as well :)