Friday, September 30, 2011

Army green eyes

I really like green eyeshadow.  Especially the yellowy greens.  I don't know why but I always am drawn to the army greens, olives, and lime greens as opposed to the blue greens.  So this is a look I did using my 88 palette.  I really wanted to create some depth with this so hopefully that come across haha.

Sorry this is kinda blurry
And here are the colors I used from the 88 palette
So that's my super exciting look for today!  I hope you guys all have a great weekend!  I can't believe that tomorrow is October already!  Thank you all so much!


  1. gorgeous as always! Im starting to really get into greens lately. I never really cared for them before but something changed and now I play with green colors more often!

  2. Gorgeous look,,,I like greens but am afraid to try using them...this is the inspiration I need to go ahead and try something new!
    By the way, you look AMAZING with brown hair,,,it's SO you and really makes your eyes pop!!! :)

  3. Oh I love army green!! And the shape you have created, amazing job lovely!!

  4. Thank you!

    @Miranda: yeah, I'm a huge fan of greens! I'm glad you're getting more into them too!

    @Nikosmommy: You can definitely do it! I think everyone looks great in greens! And thank you so much about my hair!

    @Fakhra's: thank you so much!

    @Kassie: thanks girl!

  5. Beautiful look! I am a huge fan of green shadows as well :)

  6. Amazing eyes!!! Nice blend of greens!
    Regards from Spain! ^^ Kisses

  7. Siiiiiigh. I love. Green eyeshadows NEVER get old for me, they always look perfect!

  8. love it perfect for my shade of eyes :) :) pop over to me sometime