Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting used to my brown hair!

So this has been different.  It's amazing what a change in hair color can do!  The makeup I can wear is different and now different colors look better than the ones that used to.  And I can NEVER leave my house without filling in my brows now (not that I would anyways but now I really can't haha).  So here are two looks (we went to Myrtle Beach this past weekend, otherwise I'd have more) that I've done recently.  They're not super exciting but I like them anyways!

I like how this hair color makes my eyes stand out more, so I kinda tried to play that up a little.

I used Inglot pigment 68, Urban Decay "Twice Baked", a tan from my 88 palette, and Inglot 393 p for this look. 

And this one has been a staple in my makeup routine lately (I change the colors though).  It's so easy but it's dramatic enough to keep me happy.  I'm actually more comfortable having a heavy line under my eye than on my lid.  I think it's because of my eye shape.
Sorry about the wet hair!

I used MAC "Vanilla" and "Melon" pigments, a super sparkley gold/white Jesse's Girl pigment (sorry, it doesn't have a name on it) which is so pretty but didn't show up on camera very well, and a little bit of Inglot 363 m to contour my eye.  And under my eye, I put a layer of NYX "Black bean" JEP and then I used a Sally Girl baked purple eyeshadow (sorry, again, no name.) this little shadow is GREAT over a base (on its own, not so much) but it's only .99 at Sally Beauty Supply.

 I just got this new facial moisturizer that so far I'm in love with.  If it keeps it up, I'll do a review for you because so far, it's awesome!  I have troublesome skin that usually hates new things so since I haven't reacted badly yet, I have high hopes!

Sorry the makeup isn't amazingly creative but it's getting harder and harder for me to find time to wear crazy makeup because sometimes I have to go to my daughter's school and always the bus stop and I don't want to be the crazy makeup mom haha.  But I hope you can appreciate the toned down makeup as well!  Thank you guys!!


  1. I love both looks! Especially that second one with the purple on the lowerlid!! SOOO Gorgeous, and your eyeliner is perfection! I am loving the brown hair on you and I totally agree that it makes your eyes pop even more!

    Oh and by the way, I LOVE the new blog layout!!

  2. ok somehow i totally missed your last post xD but ooh!!! you did it!! brown hair!! it looks great!!! i think brunettes with blue eyes look amazing!! and i love the ombre effect. i'm dying to do that with my hair but its so damaged that i dont wanna risk going bald >_< and love the makeup looks too of course ^^

  3. I'm jealous you can rock the heavy color on the bottom lid! I can't, it just looks odd on me!

  4. Love your hair! I have been going back and forth with this same idea. The last time I did it to my hair myself it went a little ash. Yours turned out really good!

  5. I love both looks! You are so lucky. You are gorgeous as a blonde and as a brunette!

  6. I absolutly LOVE the brown hair on you!! I have missed you so much and I so happy to be back blogging. I hope to get back to regular everyday posts soon!!! Thank you so much for all the help and support ou have given me through my difficult time. My blogger girls are really some of best friends!! I love ya girl and your makeup is amazing I love the purple under the lash line, it is awesome!!

  7. I love both looks, the heavier colour under the eye looks really good on you. And you are absolutely stunning, the brown hair looks great :) xxx

  8. I really love the brown hair, I think it looks even better than the blonde! The purple look is outstanding!

  9. Very pretty! I love the thick purple under! I might have to try it and see how it looks on me! Im sure not as good as on you though!

  10. The second one is my favorite but i think both are so pretty on you!! I love your hair more and more everytime I see it!!!

  11. Thank you all so so much!

    @Kassie: thanks! I've just been playing around with it a little so it may continue to change haha

    @Isabella: Haha yup! I'm a burnette! I didn't really care for the ombre thing before but I do like it when it's not like ridiculous (like to the extent I've seen Drew Barrymore go)! What color hair do you have now? I'm just super excited that now I won't have to touch up my roots every 3 weeks! I'll be able to let my hair just grow without having to dye it all the time!

    @Angie: really? I bet you can rock it! You look great with dramatic liner on the top too though. Your liner is always awesome.

    @Mrs.Makeup: thank you! It was the first time I've ever done anything like this and I like how it looks as long as my hair is curly. If my hair is straight, I don't really like it and also if I have my bangs down I feel like it's too dark.

    @Leticia: thank you so much! I've been dark before (never this dark) but I always just felt mousy so I do like that this doesn't feel super boring. I totally think that if I didn't have blonde chunks in it that it would be too dark for me though!

    @Jess: aw, I'm so glad you're back! I hope everything is going well for you! I was getting concerned when I hadn't heard anything from you in a while. I probably won't be posting every day but I'll do what I can haha!

    @Sylvie Helen: Thank you so much! I'm glad people have been so nice about this dark hair! Makes me glad I did it!

    @Ronnie: thank you! I still think I like blonde better on me but I do like this too. But I'm super glad that you like it on me!

    @Miranda: I think this kind of look looks good on everyone so I'm sure you can rock it! I like that it's simple but edgy at the same time.

    @FoxyAries: well I have you to thank for it! Your comment was the one that made me go do it! So thank you!