Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two weekend looks

The first look I did this weekend, I kinda had something along the lines of Kim Kardashian in mind.  I didn't want to do something as dramatic as she does (hence the lack of false lashes and lots of liner) but I wanted to stay in her style a bit.  So here's what I did
Sorry again for the weird face, it was super bright out haha

I honestly could not even tell you what shadows I used for this because I used so many different browns (Inglot, 88 palette, Kat Von D, etc.) that who knows what I used.  And I obviously don't look anything like her so that kinda detracts from any similarities haha.  

And then today, as you already know I'm sure, was 9/11.  The 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and attempt on the Capitol building.  I wanted to share this AMAZING video with you.  I love this.
Isn't it amazing?  I think it's great.

But I saw this beautiful picture and wanted to do a look inspired by it.  Nothing literal because I have no idea how to do towers on my eyelids without looking like a crazy person haha

I love all of the different colors in the background and beautiful the light is between the towers so here's the look I did

I just tried to take some of the colors in there (they're a little brighter though) and the main thing I wanted the same was to keep the inner corners of my eyes looking bright and alive.  I used my 88 palette for this except the shimmer on my browbone and inner corners, which is Inglot 395 P.  I have Revlon's "Soft Nude" lipstick on.  I do actually have a lot of grey on but it translated blue in my pictures.

So that was my 9/11 look (even though I just stayed home all day).  It didn't come out as well and it definitely didn't translate to film as well as I was hoping but it's ok.  I hope you can see my inspiration in there somewhere!  It was 10 years ago but we're still fighting the war and I want to thank and honor anyone who  lost their lives and thank anyone who may have lost family, friends, acquaintances, anyone they have known or been close to because of this war.  Whether it was on 9/11/01 or any time since.  And thank you to those who continue to serve our country and your families.  Thank you all for your sacrifice!

And thank you, my blog followers, for hanging in there with me and supporting me!  I appreciate you all so very much!!  You're all amazing!


  1. Love them both, but your 911 look is so pretty. I especially love how you included the lighting in between the towers in your look. Gorgeous!

    Love your hair too ;)

  2. Holy crap the second look is GORGEOUS!! Your eyes look stunning!! (I kinda wanna steal least the color combo!!)

  3. Both looks are gorgeous, girl, but the second one is my favorite! What colors from the 88 palette did you use?

  4. I absolutely love the second look!! So unique and gorgeous!!

  5. I think both looks are beautiful!!!

  6. uhh wow I love the 2nd look & the inspiration- such a beautiful photo. & the 1st look is such a super sexy brown smokey eye, love it!

  7. Hey Doll! I gave you an award :)

  8. love the color placement on the 2nd look. very unique !!