Thursday, September 1, 2011

Purple birthday look and some extra random stuff

The other day was my 26th birthday and I knew it was going to be hard for me.  I always have kind of a hard time for a little bit after my family leaves after a visit and then my daughter had school, which is hard because she and I have been attached at the hip since she was born, and then my husband had to work.  Not that I think that my birthday has to be a big deal, but I don't like being alone.

Luckily, I have the best husband ever and he took the day off from work so he got to stay home with me!  And I think he doesn't know my birthday so about a month before, I start reminding him that it's coming up haha.  So he did remember and he got me this super pretty Pandora bead for my bracelet:
and he also got me a copy of "The Proposal" which is a movie that makes me die laughing.  I literally almost peed my pants the first time I watched it.  And then we all went out for dinner, so it was definitely a good day and not the bummer I thought it probably would be.

But here's the look I did.  Since my hubby was home, I didn't want to spend the whole day getting ready so I went with a pretty simple look

The colors I used were: 
Inglot AMC 71 on the inner and outer thirds of my lid and in the crease
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania "Silver" on middle third
Inglot 392 M above crease
And Inglot DS 496 as a highlight

And then here's a couple of pictures of my kiddo on her first day of school (which was a week ago) 
Her cheesy smile
With her little backpack
Waiting for the school bus,
even though it never came that first morning
And then some great news today!  My daughter came home with "Bob."  Bob is a stuffed Build-a-Bear dog that the child who was best behaved that day gets to bring home at night.  So that made me super proud that she came home with Bob.  She goes, "You know what I said on the bus?" and I said, "What?" and she goes, "I said, 'I bet Mommy's going to be so proud of me.'"  And she's so right!  It made my eyes fill up.  I'm such a sap, I can't even handle it.

But that's about it for today.  Sorry to overwhelm you with my proud mama moments, but she's so cute!  Thanks again for sticking with me guys!  


  1. awww thats so cute(: i love that you shared with us(:
    glad your bday was good, & that bead is soo nice(:
    BEAUTIFUL look

    <3 BB

  2. Happy Birthday Sonja!! Sounds like you had a great day. Your simple look is beautiful as always, I love the colours. Aww Briana is so cute too!! Hehe little backpack, looks big enough to fit her in it...Bless :D

  3. Happy Birthday! Reminds me I dont wanna have a birthday this year! She's a cutie she must be such a sweet girl!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sonja!! You look beautiful! I remember when Kailey started kindergarden...I cried lol...and she was just fine, of course! ;) Briana is so feels good to be a proud mama, don't apologize for sharing, I love it!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I know what you mean about being a sap...I'm totally a sap too!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Beautiful look I love it!! Your daughter is too cute!! What grade is she in? my girls have build a bear doggies they got for their b-day last year :)

  7. Ah that is so lovely and touching!You must be so proud of your little girl.Isn't she so good to get the little toy on her first day?Most other children act up on their first day.I get really emotional too when I have to leave my family so I know exactly what you're feeling.It helps me when I think of how lucky I am to have such a happy,close family.I have to change my feelings of missing them and say that it's actually a good thing that I have those feelings because it shows how much I love them.And that is a brilliant thing!Hard when you're going through it eh?But you always have us!Big hugs,Siobhan x

  8. Happy Birthday again and gorgeous look! Glad to hear your little one is doing so well!

  9. happy belated birthday!! your simple look is so gorgeous, as always (once again , I'm always saying that but its true :) ) aww your daughter is such a sweetie, thanks for sharing with us!!

  10. Happy Birthday girlie!!! If I lived closer I would have been there to hang out, but I guess hanging with the hubbie is better :) I'm glad you had a good day! Your makeup looks gorgeous as always! Keep being that proud momma!!!

  11. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate it!
    @Lisa Marie: she's in kindergarten. She's so cute!
    @Siobahn: it is hard to be away from my family. Especially right now. Where they live just got hit by Hurricane Irene and they've had flooding and stuff (luckily not at their house) but the whole community is a mess. I wish I could be there to help in some way! Thank you!!!

  12. just started looking at your blog, and i adore it!