Thursday, August 4, 2011

A green look. But not a "whoa, green!" look haha

Haha weird title, I know.  I wasn't really sure what to call this.  I like wearing color on my eyes.  But I wanted to do something that wasn't such a BAM look, but still colorful... does that make any sense haha?  So here's what I did today

Oh man, I look so snotty here.  Gosh haha.

My kiddo has been so excited about her swimming lessons and I think she looks so darn cute in her little bathing suit with her hair in a little messy bun that I had to get a couple pictures of us together.  So here we are.

Isn't she cute??  I can't believe she starts school in a couple of weeks.  I'm gonna be a mess.

I don't know why but my favorite greens are yellow greens as opposed to blue greens.  I love green and gold together so I used Inglot 384 M all over my lid and up above the crease and then I threw some 403 P on the middle third to make it a more yellow green.

I used MAC "Vanilla" pigment as my highlight and Inglot 363 M with a little bit of NYX "Black" to add depth to the crease.
My liner is Bobbi Brown gel liner in "Black Ink" and I'm back to the L'oreal Extreme Volume Collagen mascara because after using that, then buying the Voluminous Carbon Black, I missed this one so I bought it again.  I think it's a keeper.

And on my lips I'm wearing mixture of MAC "Myth" and "Viva Glam Gaga." 

Did you hear that Nicki Minaj (love) is going to be the face of the next Viva Glam campaign, I believe with Ricky Martin.  I can't wait to see what she comes out with.  I really like her.  I'm not sure why I like her so much haha.  But I watched a thing about her recently and she was saying how her audience is getting younger and younger so it wouldn't hurt for her to not swear as much in her songs.  Some of her songs are fine but others I can't listen to if my daughter's around.  But she said that it doesn't make her a worse rapper if her songs contain fewer swear words and I really appreciate that.  Especially since Briana really likes her too.  

Haha ok, enough of my little tangent there haha.  That's it for today.  I hope you're having an incredible day!  Thanks so much for taking a look at this!


  1. both beautiful mom and princess! inglot is amazing

  2. I'd say that's still pretty green! Lol, though a lot of the color is hidden when your eyes are open so it's not 'in your face'. You should do some Nicki inspired looks too if you get a chance.

    On a totally unrelated note, I was checking my blog stats out of curiosity today and noticed that apparently your blog is the #2 site that directs traffic to my blog. Over 600 visits via this address. I don't know why but either way, I thought I'd share, lol!

  3. I'm so jealous that you look good in any color! Green is not a color I can pull off easily!

    And school starts so soon? Crazy! We haven't had summer till this week, so it doesn't seem like it should be starting,lol.

  4. ooh I love thiss!! Love how the black adds more drama. & the pic with your daughter is soo cute!

    Oh and same as Meredith, I checked my stats and your up there aswell bahah.

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  6. Hey Sonja, I just found this blog and I love have totally inspired me to try different eye shadow looks.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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  8. Green looks amazing on you...just like everything else! I'm really loving the stronger brow on you.

    Briana is such a cutie! I know what you mean about the school thing. I about freaked when Alexis started kindergarten last year. She's in first grade this year! UGH! They grow up so fast!

  9. I love this look!!! and your daughter is SOO Cute!! I wish her a good luck on her first day of school!

  10. Lovely eye makeup yet again and nice photos of you and kiddo together. They grow up so quick don't they. No doubt she'll bring you lovely things home from school that she's made, that's always nice.

  11. Gorgeous as always! I love that pic of you and your daughter! She's so precious! The last of my little ones if going to kindergarten this year as well so I guess we'll be a mess kiddos at home, I'm not gonna know what to do!

  12. Omg this is so beautiful! And you little girl is very cute <3

  13. Beautiful makeup.
    and what a sweet daughter do you have.

    xoxo Angelique

  14. @Narscupcake: Aw, thanks! Yeah, I really love my inglot shadows!

    @Meredith Jessica: Yeah, I guess the eyes open thing is the reason it doesn't seem super green to me. Maybe I will do some Nicki looks! And who knew it was such a good thing to be in my favorites list on the side of my blog? Haha I had no idea but I'm glad!

    @Angie: really? I think you'd look great in green! Yeah, I mean, it's still 3 weeks away haha but I'm still dreading it!

    @Ashii: Hey thanks! I'm glad that your getting traffic from here, it makes me happy!!

    @Heathermnrd: aw, that's so great! What a great compliment! Haha yay for colors! Thank you so much!

    @Toshia: thank you (about the brows too!)! It makes me sad, I've been home with her for almost 6 years now so now she's leaving me and next thing I know she's going to be going to college... haha I'm being a little dramatic but I know life is going to go even faster now!

    @Kassie: aw, thanks, I'll tell her you said good luck!

    @Charlotte: thank you so much! I'm sure she will too, she loves making stuff for me anyways haha. She's always drawing me a picture of something!

    @Meme: I know! I'm thinking of trying to work somewhere but I don't know what to do then about vacations and stuff... oh well, I have time! Have you ever seen Big Daddy? Well, I feel like I'm going to be like Adam Sandler, "I'm waiting for Julian to get out of school so I have somebody to play with" haha

    @Daphyin: Hey thanks!

    @Angelique: Thank you so much!!!

  15. Hey Doll! I give you an award :D