Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guest review: Sonia Kashuk blender vs. Beautyblender

Here's another great review by Amalia!

"Beautyblender compared to Sonia Kashuk blender:

I have used the Beautyblender basically since it came out, but I also purchased the Sonia Kashuk (Target) one to try it and since it was easily available to me-  I always order the Beautyblenders online. 
The Sonia Kashuk one is horrible, this is my take on it, and there are several reasons why I think so.  First, the sponge itself feels no different than any ordinary flat sponge.  The shape is awkward, it is not really as contoured as the Beautyblender- it's too large overall also.  It does not expand like the Beautyblender when wet- rather, it just gets heavier, and its fairly heavy to begin with.  I have to go over my face several times to get a streak-free result, and it absorbs so much product that it's wasteful.  Why would I pay $50 for a foundation to have half of it be absorbed by the sponge?  Doesn't make a lot of sense.  It's hard to clean, with any cleaning product, even the sponge shampoo that is designed to be used with it doesn't clean it well, and I clean my sponges within 30 minutes of use!! Last, the sponge simply is not durable.  First time I washed it- gently, parts of the rubber wore off.  Within three months of use, the thing is worthless.  It isn't even an economical alternative- if you buy a two pack of Beautyblender, the most expensive I've seen them for is $26 with free shipping, so that's $13 each.  I always use online coupons or rebates, so I usually get them for even a few dollars less. 
Sonia Kashuk blender on the left, Beautyblender on the right
Now, if I can briefly explain the differences of the 'original' Beautyblender.  It is light and springy to the touch.  I always use it damp, and it glides on my face without any roughness- in fact, it feels silky smooth.  When damp it does swell up but it still feels light- not dense at all.  It seems to be better desgined for the face- the tip on the end is not sharply pointed and the broader parts make for an easy, smooth application.  When I wash the Beautyblender, it retains it shape and dries quickly.  It is easy to wash because it doesn't absorb too much foundation.  I have one that I've used fairly regularly for about 8 months and it isn't very stained at all. 
Overall, if you would like to try a sponge for foundation appication, I would definitely recommend the Beautyblender.  The Target one is simply a waste of time and money, and I don't believe you would be satisfied with the results, either." 


  1. Great review...glad I didn't pick it up the other day!

  2. Nice review :) I'm still struggling whether I should buy a beautyblender or not but this article is definitely very helpful! Thanks :)

  3. Great review! I've been looking at the beautybender with curious eyes for a while now but never picked it up because I was a bit skeptical of it or make up sponges in general. But after reading this post I will order it and try it for myself!
    So, Thanks!

  4. See why I love her reviews? She tells you straight up that it's a waste of time. I love it that she's so honest.

  5. Great review! I almost bought that one from Target over the weekend, but it just didn't feel right. Figured it was too good to be true.