Sunday, August 14, 2011

Natural-ish brown smokey eyes and Revlon Just Bitten lipstain

Ok, well for me, this is a natural look.  I think a good chunk of the reason for that would be the fact that I'm not wearing black eyeliner.  I really wasn't feeling the whole eyeliner thing the day I did this... or the next day... or the  next haha.  I didn't wear eyeliner for a few days this past week.  Oh well.

I was at CVS and was trying to get my extra bucks from Revlon so I had to get something relatively inexpensive.  There were very few things that were less than $10 that were something I'd wanted to try.  Then I saw the Just Bitten lipstains and the only color that looks like one I'd actually wear was the bright pink one which is the color "Passion."  So here's the look I did wearing that on my lips.

As you can see, my eyes are really neutral for me.  I have on the brown Urban Decay liner ("Bourbon") from the "Get Baked " palette, which I layered "Twice Baked" on top of.  And then I think I just blended that out with a random light brown from my 88 palette.  My highlight is MAC "Vanilla" pigment.

As for the lipstain, I really like it.  I'd seen reviews of people saying how easy the marker-like tip made application... I kind of disagree.  I personally like a bit more forgiving applicator, something that moves a little.  The tip is really stiff, which is great if you want it to be super precise but I feel like lipstains are supposed to be a natural flush looking color (maybe not a natural color exactly but applied in such a way that literally it looks like you bit your lip and that's what color it turned, ya know?).  I almost feel like I should dab it on with my finger but that's not a possibility so I just used the side of the marker instead of the tip. 

Now, you definitely want your lips to be exfoliated.  When I first bought it, I got so excited that I just put it on without doing anything to my lips first.  Bad move.  It grabbed on to all of the dry skin on my lips and made it stand out like crazy.  So I tried again, this time I exfoliated, applied the balm attached to the lipstain, applied the lipstain, and applied the balm again.  Perfection.  It lasted a long time too, though I did have to reapply the lip blam (which is a really great balm) because my lips started to feel dry.  

I think this would be a great product for a bride.  I don't know about anybody else, but on my wedding day, I was too busy to reapply anything on to lips.  So I definitely think this would be great for someone who wants a very low-maintenance lip color.  The colors are pretty much all dark so if you like your lips lighter than their natural color, you'll probably have to pass on this.  Personally, I think the one I bought is the only color I'd actually use because I like light lips.  But I'd definitely recommend grabbing a color if one stands out to you!  I think mine cost about $5.

I apologize for the non-exciting look but that's all I have for today!  Thanks again for checking this out!!


  1. Your lashes look crazy long! I like this look....but then again, I love neutral looks.

    Thanks for the review of the lipstain. Why didn't I know that there was a lipbalm attached to it? I also didn't realize they were only $5. Will have to pick one up the next time I see them.

  2. the color looks great on you :D just wondering, what foundation are u using?

  3. Sonja I love this look on you!! Gorgeous!! And I love the look of the lip stain too :D

  4. such long lashes, beautiful look!! Gret review of the lipstain, I tried a marker type too before but totally forgot the name :P but def. agree on the exfoliating! You look beautiful!

  5. WOW! Your eyes are like ... piercing my SOUL in that first picture. Incredible. I love the simplicity of this look but it's so effective. Not something I'm good at myself. Love love love!

  6. I know that you usually don't do looks like this but I just have to say it looks so pretty on you! Especially with that lip stain. I bought one of them and I really agree with everything you said about it - too bad the one I bought was a bit too deep for my skin tone cos I never wear it anymore. I love how you used the Vanilla pigment to highlight, it's a really nice touch!

  7. sometimes simple is better, and this is gorgeous!! I have the same lipstain & also agree. When I first used it, I applied the lipbalm first & it seemed to ruin the marker side when I applied that >.< but now it seems to be working better again!

    & about the matte lip creams... I reaally love them! the colours I got (chosen because of you :D) are super pretty, but i have the same problem of licking my lips and it making little balls of stuff... not a good look!

  8. I totally agree with you about not liking the stiffness of the applicator. I also used the side and I don't think its as dark as using the tip, maybe my imagination LOL... Pretty look!

  9. @Leticia: thank you so much!

    @Angie: Thanks! Yeah, the other end of the lipstain is a balm which I think is great. They were on sale and I had a coupon is why I got it for $5, I think they're usually like $9

    @Sweetkiss: At the moment, I'm using a mixture of L'oreal True Match and Revlon Colorstay. Neither of them are the right color but mixed together it's just right and it also lightens up the heaviness that I get from just the colorstay.

    @Natalie: thank you!!!

    @OlgiePolgie: thanks so much!

    @Amalia: thanks! Haha the dry bright pink chunks were not so awesome haha

    @Meredith Jessica: aw, thanks! I think you're amazingly talented and any look you do is pure perfection so I definitely think a simple look like this you would have no trouble with!

    @Charlotte: thank you!

    @3girlsblog: aw, thanks! When I see myself with more simple makeup, I kinda feel like it just doesn't look like me. I think it looks nice but not like myself, you know?

    @Ashii: thanks! Haha isn't it awesome when you get the little balls of the lip cream? I try to keep that in mind when I wear them but sometimes I still forget. But I'm glad you like them!

    @FoxyAries: yeah, the tip made it hard haha and I don't know about the color difference... maybe??

    @Angelique: thank you so much

  10. Hey Sonja,

    Just wanted to answer your questions re: foundation. I use a combination of Revlon Colorstay in Buff for my darker contour areas, and Revlon Photofinish in Vanilla as my lighter areas, and then I use L'Oreal True Match anti-fatigue illuminating concealer for under my eyes. I finish it off with Revlon Photoready powder in Vanilla and some mineral powder for highlighting.

    Sorry, I'm sure you weren't looking for that much info, lol. Hope that helps.