Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MAC "Sea & Sky" Mineralized Eye Shadow and a few Daytona pictures

When I went to the Cosmetic Company Outlet, I was browsing through their MAC collection and I saw this shadow and knew I had to have it.  I have not seen a royal blue like this before and it's so beautiful.  I know blue eyed girls aren't "supposed" to wear blue eyeshadow but that doesn't stop me haha.  I love blues and this is such a beautiful color I couldn't pass it up.  Just take a look...

All the way to the left is what I'm assuming to be "Sea" and the middle is "Sky" and all the way to the right is them mixed together
 These shadows are super pigmented with like a metallic finish.  I love them.  Here are 2 different looks I did using them.
The first is a smokey eye

Obviously this is heavily edited but I think it's a cool picture since I really don't have that many of the hubby and myself together
In this look, I have MAC "Myth" with my new "Right Image" Cremesheen glass on top on my lips

The second is a simple look using the shadows on my waterline and under my eye

And in this look I have MAC "Pink Friday" with "Right Image" Cremesheen glass on top on my lips.  Can you tell that I like that lipgloss?  Because I totally do.

On the MAC website, these shadows retail for $20.  At the CCO I paid $13.75.  If you can find this color and you like blues, I'd say scoop it up.  It's a pretty original color and it's so pigmented that I definitely think it's worth it.

Now on to some pictures from our mini vacation to Daytona this past weekend.  We were only there for a couple of days but it was fun.  It was my daughter's first time at the ocean and I just love everything about the ocean so it was like a dream trip for me.

 It started raining at Daytona Beach so we drove up the coast probably 3 miles to Ormand Beach and the weather was perfect there so that's primarily where we hung out.

I am in love with this picture. 

Aren't they cute?

Haha I took a picture of us together because I'm the photographer and I'm not usually in any pictures but I wanted a picture to show that I was there too!
It was a good (though short) trip to go on before my baby girl goes to school (tomorrow!!!)!  Thanks everyone for checking this out!  I hope you guys are having a great week!!!


  1. wow I have this eye shadow duo. its looks great on you

    Please enter my Nars Blush/eye shadow give away

  2. Those are some amazing beach pics!!! Soo nice! The blue shadow, I love the first one absolutely love it!!! I wish I ever went to a CCO!!

  3. As a fellow blue eyed girl, I think you rocked it! I love these colors, soooo pretty!!!

    I haven't been to the ocean in over 7 years, I miss it... Hopefully next year!!!

  4. Ok, first things first, adorable family. Adorable. Dads with kids, makes my heart hurt.

    Now, the makeup. That dark blue swatch, OH DAMN! The second I saw that I was in L.O.V.E. and I knew you were going to do some bomb smokey eye with it. And, yup, I was right. So gorgeous, and blue is not an easy color to work with at all. Amazing! I love how you made it so wearable in the second look as well, I might have to try that sometime!

  5. Your beach photos are making me jealous, but it's almost the end of winter so I'll get over it.
    That duo is awesome. Both of your looks are really pretty, but the first one is amazing. What a blue!

  6. The first look is to die for!!!! Those colors are stunning!

  7. OMG!! I must have those shadows!! Especially that royal blue! Those looks are sick! Especially that first one. OMG This is going on my wishlist RIGHT now!!

  8. you totally rock the blue eyeshadow :D whoever said blue eyed girls shouldnt wear blue obviously did not see your skills hehe and the beach blue totally reminds me of the shadow. i own this shadow and love looking at it but too scared to wear it out haha and isnt the right image awesome? its totally one of my faves hehe

  9. Love both looks, wish I could wear blue like this!! I'm going to need to stop at my local CCO!

    And I love the first pic of you and your hubby. Such a lovely smile you have!! And I'm super jealous of the beach time you had!! We don't have nice beaches like that around here!

  10. Awesome blue! Happens to you really well, I like especially the first makeup :) You are able to make a really good eye make-up, when I try it's always be really blurred .. You always have such lovely pictures too, especially the picture of you and your spouse and your child :)
    I usually don't write/speak English, so it is not necessarily the best, but try to understand:)
    And go look at my make-up, writings, although they have in Finnish, but the pictures tell more sizes:)

  11. Your blue smokey eye is amazing!! I think you have outdone yourself!! LOVE it!

  12. That Sea&Sky duo looks SO FLATTERING on you! I always stare at it and swatch it with my hand but it doesn't show up that special on my skin... I love the 2 looks you created with it! I think blue suits your skin/hair/features really nicely!

    And the beach looks amazing... I wish I had a bear near me here in Canada :(

  13. Wow! You guys sure are the best! I appreciate every single comment!

  14. Your so pretty and your wear those blues so well! New subscriber :)


  15. Wow, I'm blown away! Both looks are stunning! I have to get my hands on that color!
    Love your family pics!

  16. Great post, love the swatches, Sea & Sky is a lovely eye shadow palette. Great eye makeup as usual and loving the beach shots, looks so nice.

  17. Your family are so cute!You look like you had a lot of fun at the beach!Love it!I love this look.It actually looks exactly like the blue eyeshadow that Sarah Jessica Parker wears in the Atlantic city episode of SATC that I was telling you about!I have a picture of it but don't know how to send it to you!!But there's no need now since you practically nailed the look in these photos.How great is that!Seriously gorgeous.I love the smokey blue eyeshadow look and you make it look amazing.You are an inspiration!Siobhan xx

  18. What great pics!! Brianna is so stinkin cute. LOVE the blue smokey!!

  19. Aw, thank you all so so so much!
    @Charlotte Sparkle: It means a lot to me that you like the beach pictures because I have seen your pictures and they're always amazing. So I'm glad you like mine!

    @Siobhan: I'm so glad that this is like Sarah Jessica Parker's look! Haha that was an accident. I looked for pictures of her look and I just couldn't find any. But I'm glad that you like this one! You're the best!