Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guest review of Sonia Kashuk's Highlighting Brush by Amalia from Dear Makeup Diary!

I like reading people's reviews of things and honestly, it's not too often when people have a nice, to the point review.  Some people have a tendency to go on and on... wait... that would be me... haha.  I knew when Amalia from Dear Makeup Diary said that she was going to stop blogging that I'd miss her reviews.  She always got to the point and told you straight up if she liked something or not and then why.  So I got the idea to ask her if she'd be willing to come on my blog every once in a while to do a guest review.  And she said yes!  So I hope you enjoy her reviews as much as I do!

"First of all, thank you Sonja for inviting me to do this review!  It's a real treat because I enjoy your blog so much! 
Today I am reviewing the Sonia Kashuk Highlighting Makeup Brush.  There are two types of Sonia Kashuk brushes- the white handled ones, which are kind of like the "economy" line, and black handled ones, which are also sometimes called "Kashuk Tools" and are generally a bit more expensive and have a black ferrule rather than metal.  These brushes are available at Target.  This particular brush costs $12.99. 

I love this brush!!  I think the most common comparison to it is the MAC 187.  I used to use the 187 for liquid foundation and mine is years old, but I have taken a couple pics to show how similar they are.  They really are.  They are the same height in both the handle and the bristles.  My MAC brush looks a little different (aka not new) because of age and how I used it.
This Sonia Kashuk brush is absolutely perfect for applying cheek highlighters.  I rarely use MSFs, but when I have, I used this brush and love it because it picks up a perfect amount of powder and distrubutes it evenly on my face.  I also like using this brush for Sleek brand blushes because they are soooo pigmented that my blush brushes are way too dense. 
The only negative I've found about this brush is that the bristles seem a bit hard to retain their shape.  However, this has never shed on my face.  It is very easy to clean and does not build up product if washed properly.   
I have a lot of Sonia Kahuk brushes from both lines, and I've had issues with a few of them that I would not recommend, but this is one I really enjoy.  I've had it for almost a year and it hasn't broken or shed. 
Overall, I think this is an excellent brush that serves its purpose very well. "

Thank you so much Amalia for doing this review!!!


  1. Sonja waht an AMAZING idea! Amalia I've missed you!!! I'm going to LOVE this! Great review!!!

  2. Aww, Amalia! Great review and collabo ladies!

  3. Oh I got so excited when I read the title!! I miss Amalia so much!!

    And I agree, I really love her reviews, I always looked forward to them!

    We miss you Amalia!

  4. Such a brilliant idea :)
    Can't wait till the next review

  5. Thanks again S, what a treat!! :D

  6. I have that brush and I have to admit I wasn't sure what it was truly designed for LOL I use it for my bronzer!! Mine does hold shape very well and I like that it doesn't over due my bronzer cause I'm so fair skinned!! Great Post!!!