Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh how I love purple!

I think that, in terms of eyeshadow, purple is one of the best colors out there.  I think it looks amazing with every eye color.  You can do a natural purple look or you can go dramatic.  You can wear purple almost up to your browbone without looking like you're straight from the 80's.  I think if someone is thinking of dabbling in a colored shadow, purple is the way to go (green is a good one too).

So when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do today, I went back to my comfort zone and did some purple.

haha I look snotty in this picture (it was VERY bright outside), but I think it shows the colors well.
I have to admit that when I used to take my pictures in my bathroom, I got much better closeup pictures but I like the way my pictures look better in natural light.  I'll have to work on that.  And sometimes I look like a brat because I have to squint because of how bright it is.

I used Inglot shadows for this (go figure, right?) on top of NYX JEP in "purple" which is a blue based purple and has kind of almost a metallic finish (so it makes matte shadows not look matte).  The Inglot shadows I used are: 
388 M on my lid
 AMC 71 in and slightly above the crease 
379 M above that 
and 351 M as my highlight color  
Liner: Bobbi Brown "Black Ink" gel liner
Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black
Cheeks: ELF blush/bronzer duo, NYX "Taupe" and "Peach" blush
Lips: MAC's "Myth" and "Viva Glam Gaga" (the first one) lipsticks

If I didn't think it'd be boring I probably would wear purple eyeshadow every day.  What is your go-to color?  

Thanks so much for checking this out and I hope you all are having an incredible day!!!


  1. Nice eye makeup,that purple looks great.

  2. ooh this is absolutely stunning! In what world do you look like a brat when you're squinting, its called smizing remember :P

  3. I love! So beautiful and it makes your eyes look so crystal clear blue Ooooh!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I love how the purple makes your eyes pop!! Soooo pretty!! My go-tos are still nuetral because I'm color shy still LOL... I need to get better at technique...

  6. Hey thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!
    @Ashii: haha I'm not such a good smizer! I've tried and it's a massive failure. I'll have to take lessons from you!
    @FoxyAries: There's nothing wrong with neutrals! I give them some love every now and then!

  7. You are so stunning!
    I love your bangs =)