Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July/Cocktail Challenge Look

Hey guys!  I was thinking and really wanted to kill two birds with one stone here.  I wanted to do a fun, dramatic look for the 4th of July but also do an entry for the Makeup Geek weekly challenge which is to do a look inspired by a cocktail.  So here are a couple of drinks that I was inspired by

This is the only one that I know what it is, it's a "Patriotic Margarita"
If you want to make it, it's HPNOTIQ liqueur topped with a red layer made from strawberry puree, dark rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, and crushed ice (sorry, I don't know amounts!)
I like the colors and the stripey-ness of them.

So here's the look I came up with:

I think it came out pretty well, I'd never done anything with stripes before and it was fun to try but they keep kinda blending together when I open my eyes. 

I used NYX JEP in "milk"
the navy blue and red color are from my 88 palette
the white is a mixture of Inglot DS 496 and NYX's "White" eyeshadow
Revlon Colorstay "Black" liquid eyeliner
L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
And I have NYX's smooth matte lip cream in "Amsterdam" on my lips

Now if you know me, you all know I went and wiped that red lip off and wore it with a nude lip.  It's a little crazy but it was a fun look to do.  We're celebrating our 4th of July today because my husband has to work on the 4th so I figured it was a good day to do my literal patriotic makeup.

I hope you guys all have a great 4th of July weekend!  Be safe!


  1. Wow! You nailed this look girl! And you should wear red lips more often because red lips are rockin' on you!

  2. wow this is amazing as always!! & really, that red lip is stunning on you!!

  3. I'd say if you dont win, that contest is fixed lol. Super awesome!!

  4. I LOVE this, and I agree with Amalia! You better win!

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  6. I have also given you a award :D

  7. The shot is called a red, white, and blue shot! Or sometimes called a red, white, and blue bomb. They are delicious!! They taste like a bomb pop popsicle :)

    For those interested, it's usually made with UV Blue vodka, Bacardi Razz (the wine cooler type kind; Smirnoff Ice works too), and Cherry Dr. McGullicuddy's (although I've seen people use UV Red as well for this).

    Gorgeous look by the way. The precision of it blows my mind.

  8. Absolutely SPECTACULAR. You nailed it. I love it so much. Not only is it patriotic, but it's so unique and definitely eye candy. AMAZING JOB!

  9. @Meme: aw, thank you! I'm still not sure about the reds, but I do like this NYX soft matte lip cream, I think it's a good color.
    @Ashii: Thank you (for the compliment and the award!)!
    @Amalia: haha, it's all good. I'm not a successful winner. I don't think I've won anything since the first grade so I'm ok with that.
    @Sarah: thank you!
    @Samantha: I'm so glad you knew what it was called! Now I want to try one it sounds yummy!! Thank you!
    @Ronnie: Thank you so so much! I really appreciate that!!!

  10. Wow, I've honestly never seen someone do stripes like that before, Very cool and the inner corner lower eyeliner is SO FRIGGIN GOOD. I can never do my eyeliner this well.

  11. Brilliant eye makeup.
    You've an excellent chance of winning with that look.

  12. I LOVE this so much! That red lippie looks gorgeous on you!

  13. Your technique is amazing!! I really hope you win the MUG comp as it is amazing flawless :)

  14. Omg you've just personalised the cocktail! :D amazing job girl!