Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MUFE 92 where have you been all of my life??

Amalia (from Dear Makeup Diary, who's sadly decided to stop blogging) had a blog sale I think last week and I was super excited when I saw that she was selling the famous Makeup Forever (or MUFE) 92 eyeshadow and also Benefit's "Coralista" blush so I contacted her and now they're mine!  They came in the most beautifully decorated, sticker-covered (compliments of her son) package.

The MUFE eyeshadows retail in Sephora for $19 (they contain 2.5g of product, the same as an Inglot square shadow).  I'd heard such great things about this shadow and I'd swatched it when I had been to Sephora but I had a hard time justifying spending $19 on one eyeshadow.  Let me tell you, this color is sooo beautiful.  It's the most gorgeous blue-based purple ever.  I just love it.
I swiped my finger around the pan one time

 Benefit's Coralista blush retails in Sephora for $28 (contains 8g of product, a NYX blush has 6.4g).  I'd looked into getting it before but, again, had a hard time justifying spending that much on one blush.  The color is really pretty and I'd read reviews where people loved the "glow" that it gave them.  I, however, am not a super big fan of colors that have this frosty-ness to them.  If they have a sheen/highlight quality to them, I can't really apply them on my cheeks where I usually apply blush because I feel like it screams "look at my pores!"  Luckily this color is light enough where I can use it on top of my cheekbones and slightly onto my cheeks.  I love the color but the frosty effect it has made me glad I didn't spend $28 on it.
I swiped my finger once around the pan on this guy as well


Here's a look I did using both of these products (and some more too)

I'm gonna be honest here, the MUFE shadow was a little harder than I thought it would be to get an even wash of on my lid.  I had to go back quite a few times with more shadow to get it so the color wasn't splotchy.  But if I do say so myself, it's most definitely a color worth fighting for.  It did stain my eyelids a little bit, and that's with me using TFSI and NYX "Milk" JEP.  But again, I think it's worth it.  I've worn it 3 out of the past 4 days (because I already had makeup on the day it came) if that's any indication as to how much I like this color.

So thank you Amalia for your awesome blog sale but I'm sad you won't be blogging anymore!  I hope you guys are all having a great week!  Thanks so much everyone!!!


  1. This is so amazingly gorgeous! I may just steal this look some time. I have the shame eyeshadow and I agree, it is fantastic. NARS makes a similar shadow but it is cool instead of warm called Daphne. You need it!

  2. Oh, and do YouTube tutorials already! I would watch every one lol!

  3. I'm buying stuff off of Amalia too! So generous of her. Great purchases! The look looks like a beautiful sunset, I wish I could pull off super dark sultry looks like you can.

  4. Wow this look is stunning!! Breathtaking like I knew it would be! ITA about it being a bit of a pain, and ITA about Coralista and the pore thing!!! You look lovely- the shape is amazing!!!

  5. Wow, this is absolutly gorgeous! I'm always looking for a nice saturated purple. All the purples I own are troublesome to work with! And they don't turn out like this!

  6. i love MUFE 92 but it stains my lid and it took DAYS to come off.

  7. Isn't it amazing!? Such a pretty color! I need to start using mine more often, its so perfect I can never think of an amazing combo that would do it justice haha!

  8. OUTSTANDING!! This is seriously, beautiful. My favorite so far :)

  9. That is my favorite e/s of all time. Totally worth the price. <3

  10. @Leticia: well, maybe I'll just have to add Daphne to my birthday list! Haha I'm scared of the video tutorials!
    @Meredith Jessica: Thank you! But I know you can pull any look off!
    @Amalia: thank you so much!!!
    @Angie: it is a bit tough to work with but totally worth it!
    @Kattatonic: thank you!!
    @NarsCupcake: haha yeah, my lids are definitely stained pink but I just keep using 92 again and again so I wonder how long they'll be pink for haha.
    @Kassie: I loved what you did with it when you first got it! I don't think you could do anything wrong though!
    @Ronnie: Aw, thank you so much!
    @Sirena: I know, I'm super glad I got it!

  11. Great eye makeup, those colours look really good together.

  12. I just found your blog and love all your looks! This is gorgeous! This reminds me of a sunset and I LOVE sunset inspired looks!

  13. Ugh this is just soooo pretty...might just have to steal it haha :D

  14. honestly it is one of the most flattering, amazing looks Imhave ever seen. I dont have e MUFe 92 but I have a matte bluish purple and I was searching for some inspiration. i am going to try this look.

    congrats. I will stay around!


  15. Oooh so pretty! I love purples & the colour is gorgeous. I've never tried the MUFE range but may have to see if they ship to Australia :)