Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hey, remember me??

I'm so sorry I've been such a lame-o and not posted at all this week!  Bad Sonja.  I really haven't worn too much makeup partially because it's been so stinkin hot here and I've been working outside (weeding my gardens and tedious stuff like that) quite a bit and partially because I haven't really been inspired.  I have done a few looks, none of them are anything amazing or have been anything that I really love.  But here are the looks:

I did a bronze look because I wanted to try out a lipgloss that I bought (Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in the color Pink Pop, it's so pretty) and I was wearing a really bright shirt.  So I think this is just the bronze color from the Kat Von D tattoo chronicles palette with Urban Decay's "Twice Baked" in the outer v.

I wanted to do something with yellow.  And then I decided I wanted to use pink too.  And this is what came out of that.  I'm not a huge fan but it was ok for something a little different.  I used primarily Ben Nye pigments for this.

I like teal/turquoise with black so this was me playing around with those colors together.  Haha this look (in real life) totally reminded me of something Olivia from Jerseylicious would have done(yes, it's a guilty pleasure haha).  The blue color is NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in "Turquoise."

And then lastly this look was me wanting to use a warmer color, so I picked Inglot's 450p eyeshadow (very similar to NYX's "Rust", just slightly more purple) and I was trying to choose what color to use in the crease and I chose MUFE 92 (I know, I know... again?) but I really like the way those colors work together.  This is my favorite look of the bunch.

That's my makeup excitement for the past week.  I'm sorry again that I've been so boring!  I attempted (especially in the last 2 looks) to use different techniques on my eyebrows to see how I like them to look.  Usually I just use a powder shadow from Inglot to do them but I used some of Meme's tips (she has an awesome tutorial HERE if you want to check it out) and did them a little differently.  I don't have a brow pencil so I used the coolest toned brown eyeliner I own for them haha.  I think I'll have to practice some more to get them right.

I hope to be posting more but my inspiration comes and goes so I can't promise anything haha.  Thank you all so much!  And I'd like to say hi to my new followers as well!  Thank you so much everyone!  Your support means soooo much to me!!!


  1. ohhh I love your brows in the very last pic- such a beautiful shape! I love the yellow/pink look too, and idk where I been either but I didnt know you had low lites! beautiful!!

  2. Yay! You're a Jerseylicious fan! Yes, that is a total Olivia look! Love it!!

  3. All of the looks are beautiful! Glad my tutorial was helpful! I really love your brows in the last pic...I noticed them right away....the color, the shape....perfect!

  4. I love the pink and yellow look! And I always love your cute updo's! I love the braid. I actually tried to do the same thing today, but just couldn't manage. I have rather unmanageable hair! Ponytail is the most I can do with it, and I wear that everyday, BORING! lol. Lovely looks as always!

  5. all these eye looks are GORGEOUS!!!
    my fave is the second one, flawless!

    <3 BB

  6. oh my god, that rusty pruple-y one is so so so so beautiful!

  7. Woahhhh look overload! I like! I wish all posts had this many gorgeous eye looks in them. I keep trying to pick a fave but I just can't, though the bronxer one is pretty stunning.

  8. Great eye makeup as usual. Each is nice in it's own way, hard picking a favourite amongst those.

  9. Great eye looks <3 them.
    the colors are beautiful.

    xoxo Angelique

  10. We must of had some of the same colors on the brain, LOL!!! I think all of these look gorgeous! I totally understand not wearing makeup since its so hot, we've been averaging about 112 real feel temps for the past 3 to 4 weeks... Stay hydrated out there!!!

  11. all are really gorgeous as always! I had to try memes tutorial after seeing your brows & loved it!!

  12. @Amalia: Thank you! Yeah, that last look I really tried to get my brows right, I think they definitely look better! The under part of my hair I've always just left darker partly because I like the way it looks and partly because it's less I have to bleach haha. I get lazy.

    @Pretty in pink: thank you so much!

    @Jackee: haha yeah, I watch it. Sometimes I like their hair and makeup but a lot of times I know I'd look like a drag queen if I wore what they do!

    @Meme: aw, great! I'm glad you noticed and approve!

    @Angie: haha you're too funny. My hair is almost always in a ponytail too (especially when it's so hot out!) but I definitely tend to throw the pigtails (sometimes braided) in the mix too. And when I definitely want my hair out of my face, that's when the braided bangs come in to play. Thank you!

    @BeautyBehaved: thank you so much!

    @Ronnie: hey thanks, I like that one best too!

    @Meredith Jessica: I appreciate that!! I wish I really loved them!

    @CopyCat-SmashinBeauty: Thanks!

    @Charlotte: thank you!!

    @Angelique: Thanks! I'll definitely check your blog out!

    @FoxyAries: Holy moly woman! Where do you live? Our heat index has been around 100 for the most part.

    @Ashii: oh great! I'm glad you like them, I can't wait to see yours!

  13. I love them all! The colorful one with yellow is my fav! Beautiful work hun! :)