Sunday, February 12, 2012

Your experience with cosmetic companies

Hey guys.  I recently posted on Calypso Minerals Facebook page asking if their Etsy store was down because the links I had weren't working.  I got a response from someone that said this,

"Sonya, as an avid reader of your blog I would not recommend you post that you buy from this vendor as she has several or ders palced months ago that she never sent the product to, and never refunded their money. Etsy and Paypal are both investigating. My mom has waited 4 weeks for a refund and never got it, and also stopped getting any response from Jen".

Which I found very irritating.  I was not mad about the comment but upset that a customer would be treated like that.  I purchased from Calypso Minerals without any issues.  I love their products but it makes me sad that I go around saying good things about them and they, according to this person, are not following through on their end of the transactions.  

So please, if you ever purchase anything from a company because of something I've said and you've had either a bad experience or a great one, let me know!  I do not want to promote companies who are not treating their customers well and I also want to know when companies are treating their customers the way they should be treated!  

So please feel free to either e-mail me or leave a comment with any of your experiences!  It's so important to me, especially if you're buying from someone because of something I've said, that you are treated well!

Thank you guys!!


  1. I'm amazed that they've treated you this badly as I'm sure you've created a lot of business for them.

    I ordered from them way back in November last year (yes, based on yourself - I think you did a look/swatches back then) and still haven't received it. First Jen changed Paypal accounts and didn't note down my payment, then didn't put enough postage on it, and now I don't know what her latest excuse is but four months and about $160 wasted sums up my experience :(

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