Monday, February 20, 2012

Review of Pink Blossom Cosmetic's Valentine's Day Collection

Recently I received a collection of four mineral shadows from Pink Blossom Cosmetics.  This collection was made for Valentine's Day, but obviously that's because of the color combination and it's nothing you couldn't use any other day of the year.  So first let me tell you how adorably this came packaged.  It was so cute!  Here's what it looked like when I got it:
How cute is this box??  Right now it's housing a good majority of my loose shadows.

It came with a little sample of a matte black
And here are the colors (some of the names smudged because I used them before I took pictures of the bottoms and I got some wet by accident so if you ever order these, don't get the wording wet!):

White Chocolate:
"White satin shimmer"

"Lavender shimmer with blue sparkles"

"Pink satin shimmer"

Red Wine:
"Deep red, almost burgundy, with red sparkles"

Dry Swatches over no base

I think the colors are very nice.  White Chocolate is the most pigmented, followed by Red Wine and Sweetheart. Soulmate is a VERY light color, which is barely visible when applied, which I think would have a tendency to look very ashy on darker skin.  I did a few looks using exclusively these colors.  I also used the matte black sample, which is quite nice.

I wasn't able to come up with tons of different types of looks using just these colors but I know I could add colors already in my collection and use them every day.  Red Wine was the main color I kept trying find different ways to use.  I did apply it wet on my lid one day (which I have no pictures of) and I wouldn't say it's a deep color.  I'd say it's a medium color, it's not too dark, not super light.  

For this look, I used Red Wine over a black base:

I actually applied just a hint of Sweetheart in the middle of my lid over Red Wine just to give it some more dimension

This look I already showed you, but I'll let you know my placement:
Sweetheart applied wet all over lid and under the eye
Red Wine in crease
Soulmate blended above crease (see the light tint of purple?)
White Chocolate as a highlight

This set is being sold for $20.  Is this a set I would buy for myself?  No.  The colors just aren't as bright as I like my colors to be.  Would I buy this set for someone who's more into toned down, neutral looks?  Absolutely.  I think Red Wine is a great, versatile color as you can make it look more brown or  more purple depending on what you're using it for.  I think that White Chocolate is a great universal highlight color but you could definitely use it on the lid too.  Soulmate is a bit of a miss for me as it's really really light, but seeing the color in the jar, I would expect it to be so I really wasn't surprised.  And I haven't received any makeup packaged like this so I think this would be a great gift for someone.

So I definitely think this would be a great set for someone who prefers more natural looks as the colors aren't overly pigmented or bright.  But they did apply really smoothly, I didn't have any spottiness to how they applied, which is awesome.  They blended out without any issues and I think they're really nice, just more for someone who isn't a color freak like me haha. 

Pink Blossom Cosmetics also has a facebook page and I believe she's trying to come up with more matte colors, which you all know I'm a sucker for.  The sample sizes are $1 for the little container like the matte black came in.  The full sized jars are $5 for a 5 gram jar with 1-3 grams of product.  I don't make makeup so I don't really understand why there isn't a more consistent amount of product per jar.  *Edit: I sent a link of this to the owner and she said, "As for the weight in products the reason why I stated 1-3 grams per jar because Iron Oxides and Ultramarines are heavier than Mica's. So if a particular color contains iron oxides and/or ultramarines it will be heavier but I make sure every jar is packed full to the brim." * Lilly, the owner, was great to work with.  I'd definitely at lease check this company out and see what you think.

*I was sent this for free but I would never lie to you.  It wouldn't do me any good to lie to you.  These are my complete honest opinions.


  1. These colors are really nice soft colors :) I'm the same way as you--I like bright colors as well, but these are really pretty Xx

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  3. lovely look..I think these colors are perfect for spring/summer very pretty:)

  4. Love the look, these colors are something I would be interested in. Thanks for your honest review!

  5. This is so soft and pretty! You look great in soft pinks. And dark colours. And bright colours. Yes, I'm very jealous.