Monday, April 2, 2012

A Lime Green and Bright Blue look

I don't know what it is about lime green and bright blue together but I just love them.  Makeup Geek's weekly challenge this week is to do a spring inspired look so this is the look I did for that.  They made a new rule when you enter pictures that the pictures can't be edited, which I think is good because I really think it makes it a more fair challenge (these pictures are slightly edited though, I just enhanced the contrast and edited my skin just a little in all but the first one which came out like that on my camera).

1- NYX Ultra Pearl Mania "Lime
2- MUG shadow "Corrupt"
3- MUG shadow "Poolside"
4- MUG shadow "Gold Digger"
5- MUG shadow "White Lies"
6- MUG shadow "Shimma Shimma

Revlon Colorstay "Sand Beige" mixed with
Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy "Porcelain" liquid foundation
Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser "Fair"
Maybelline 24/7 Super Stay concealer (2nd to lightest shade)
Covergirl professional loose powder "Translucent Fair"
ELF blush/bronzer duo
Anastasia Highlighting Creme duo in "Aspen"

Colors listed above
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara

MAC "Pink Friday" lipstick
MAC "Viva Glam Nicki" lipstick
MAC "Boy Bait" Cremesheen glass

Here's a bonus picture of me and my handsome Sullivan!
Isn't he so handsome? Haha can you see the makeup on the back of my hand?  Whoops!

I really liked this look!  It was fun and colorful, especially with the pink lips!

So I got through my second round of chemo.  I found out that blurry vision is a very uncommon side effect of the nausea medicine, it happens in less than 1% of people so they're going to switch my medicine to a different, longer lasting medicine.  My nurse said worst case scenario is that my vision is blurry for longer but hopefully it won't be at all.  I haven't had much of an appetite, on my chemo weeks I primarily eat saltine crackers and randomly some bread.  Luckily I have a week on and then a week off so I can eat on my non chemo weeks.  

Also, if you are ever diagnosed with a disease I highly recommend that you DO NOT google the survival rate.  I did and it bummed me out.  I realize that the average age of someone diagnosed with colon cancer is 72 so I really think that's why the survival rate is so low (it's based on a 5 year survival rate).  I watched the movie 50/50 and he had searched his survival rate and so I thought I would too haha.  Mine is not nearly that high.  It just makes me realize that I really need to be, and will be, part of the small percentage who makes it.  

I meet with my surgeon tomorrow just for another checkup.  I have all these questions about the surgery I'll need on my liver, which I'm super scared of.  They said it's a more intensive surgery than the one I already went through, which I thought was pretty tough (though not as painful as ACL surgery, I never woke up crying from pain after my "left hemicolectomy" like I did with my ACL/meniscus surgery).  I guess it's a tough surgery because of all of the blood vessels and everything in the liver.  I just hope I'm not in the hospital quite  as long after that as I was with the last one, I was really missing my daughter after the 3rd day even though she did come to visit me.

Sorry to keep talking, I've just been thinking all of these things and it's kind of nice to get the thoughts out.  So thanks for listening to me ramble haha!  And thanks so much for hanging in there with me!  Your support means so much to me!  Thanks so much guys!!


  1. Google has scared me more than once looking up information. :)

    You WILL make it!

  2. Be positive, you'll get through it! My mum was in a similar situation, she had cancer of the parotid gland. She's had 6-7 surgeries so far one of which paralysed one side of her face (because there was a nerve running through the tumor). Her problem kept recurring and she had to have radiation treatments twice. It was very hard for her and all of us too but she gritted her teeth and kept going. Today, she has over come the problem, no recurrence *knocks on wood* I hope you keep fighting too because medication is only half the battle won, the other half is your will power to make it through. :) *hugs*

  3. Pretty look!
    I hope the blurry vision will go away soon and i will keep you in my thoughts. Hang in there fighting this awfull disease! *hug*

  4. never fail to amaze me with your beutiful looks!!! i absolutely love it!!! makeup geek shadows are the best!!!

  5. Those colors look great on you! Compliments your eye color and skin tone so well!!! You are of one the strongest women I know. Take care.

  6. The Poolside color is just gorgeous~ as are you! Wishing you lots of strength and courage.

  7. Girl don't pay any attention to those "survivial rates"! When I was diagnosed with Lupus at 17, the doctor told me I had most likely 4 years but no longer than ten....that was almost 18 years ago and I am still going strong. You and God determine your future and no one else. There is no expiration date stamped on your body.

  8. Love the color combo-- it's one of my favorites. I pair Sardonic and Tropical from Meow... love lime and blue or turquoise.

    Just wanted to say that you are in my prayers-- and I don't go around praying for just But you're about the age of my oldest daughter, beautiful like she is, and I just know you will beat "The Beast". Stay strong and keep fighting!

    And that googling can be a very bad thing... It will scare the dickens out of you on all kinds of subjects! But you are young and strong and have a lot of people pulling for you.

  9. I also agree not to pay to those survival rates! We have a family friend who went through the same thing with her colon and she's fine 12 years on =) I wish I could just hug you! I'm praying for you and I hope that your blurry vision goes away soon! And your makeup looks gorgeous too =) You are such a strong and beautiful woman. I am glad I got to connect with you online =)

  10. Beautiful look!! Thank you for sharing! Also, thank you for sharing your thoughts on what you're going through. Stay strong!!

  11. Your makeup looks beautiful as usual. NEVER Google anything, my husband has sworn to beat me if I ever google symptoms again hehe. I have had co-workers,classmates,family and just friends who have beaten cancer at many different stages. You are young and vibrant so those statistics do not include you. Take care my dear!

  12. Your make-up skills are amazing, I can only dream of being as good as you one day. And you yourself are beyond gorgeous. You will make it through your sickness, I'm rooting for you here in Pakistan. <3
    What breed is Sullivan by the way? And yes, you're right, he is very handsome indeed. :D

  13. beautiful look,as usual.You are my inspiriation every time when I make my the way, hang in there and dont give up. Your strengh and will to win this illnes is amazing and very powerful. I'm still praying for you to fight...kisses from Poland

  14. I agree about Googling. it's tempting at first but at some point you cannot go there and you have to BELIEVE you are going to make it. Just live every day, one day at a time and find the beauty in that day. You are young and strong,and nothing has control over your life but you and God!! I'm praying for you, you're going to make it. Fill your soul with positive thoughts and love and laughter


  15. Your make up is always flawless and amazing!! I am around your age and am a nurse in New York. I work on a surgical floor and have had many women your age with colon cancer. The survival rate as you have said is not that high but you are correct in that most people find out they have cancer in their late 60's to early 70's. But even then we have many people that do well after surgery/chemo. I have seen some amazing things from women and men who have had a colectomy with liver resection, that is the most common that I have seen when the cancer has traveled to different organs. Honestly though if you stay positive and have the drive and fight your body can recover from many illnesses/diseases. I had an 80 yr old woman with squamous cell cancer who had skin grafted from her leg and put onto her face, she also had multiple other issues fighting against her. She fought so hard and with the support of her family she recovered so quickly and was out of the hospital all because she had such a drive in her. Even on her worst day she would get out of bed or the chair and walk. You are so young and positive I know that you will make a complete recovery!! Just stay positive even when you have your worst day. Have your moment if you wanna scream then scream, if you want to cry then cry, but then tomorrow pick it up and move forward not worrying about what happened yesterday. You can do this!!!!

  16. hello beautiful lady! loving this makeup look, such gorgeous colours! I cant wit to place my first order with mug e/s! Stay strong & positive and away from google!! haha x

  17. You are so positive and strong, I really admire you. Best wishes for your surgery xx

  18. Just stumbled across your blog and read your story. You are beautiful and you seem to have a good attitude which is half the battle. I'm an 8 year breast cancer survivor and I was only 42 which is young for that. My sister was just diagnosed with Uterine cancer(she's only 48) and just did her first round of chemo (she has 6 of those and 32 rounds of radiation). The doctors now think it is genetic because of our age. You will survive. I did and my sister will too. I refused to let cancer beat me down and you must do the same. Hang in there!

  19. Just found your blog and immediately fell in love with your makeup skills! You're very beautiful and I admire you for sharing your thoughts on what you're going through. Good thing you have such a lovely family (including handsome Sullivan :)) around you! You inspire me with your positive thoughts on life! Keep on fighting, everything's going to be all right!

    Greetings from Europe, Finland! ♥

  20. Wow, this look is absolutely stunning! Love it!

  21. Courage, I went through there I had cancer (muscle of the cheek) so the chemo, the naussées, operations, hospital etc. I do know. After 3 years to fight against my illness (I had a relapse after remission), Luckily I guérrie. I hope all this will end as soon as possible, good recovery.

    P.S: I love your blog and your make up! I hope one day I would be as talented as you ^^

  22. This is a gorgeous look. Those two colours really are made for each other.
    About Googling stats and things, there's no such thing as the 'average' person, so the stats don't really mean anything. You just keep fighting!

  23. Your looks are sooo beautiful!! Can you please tell me what eye makeup brushes you use?? - Sheryl

  24. Baby do not look at the statistics ... Because the truth is that in oncology miracles usually happen ... 30% zachorowanych just recovering, and doctors can not explain. So you really believe in it, although I know it very hard and laugh as much as possible