Sunday, March 25, 2012

A look with glitter using mainly Glamour Doll Eyes!

This is going to be a really short post haha.  I was feeling pretty good the other day and decided to do something a little more fun with my makeup than I've been doing (I've been sooo boring!!)! I've had this silver disco-y glitter from Glamour Doll Eyes called Hollywood for a while but haven't used it and I really wanted to give it a try.  Here's what I did with it!

What I used:
Milani Liquid-Like metallic eyeliner "Silver" as a base for the glitter
GDE "Hollywood" glitter
GDE "Mingles" (blue)
GDE "Radioactive" (dark green)
Artistry eyeshadow "Eden" (light yellow green)
Inglot 351 M as highlight color

I was glad to finally do something a little more like myself.  I really liked these colors together, I wish they showed up better in the pictures.  I don't know what my issue is but things aren't photographing very nicely for me lately.  Oh well, I'll get it figured out!!

This is so short but that's all I have for today!  I have chemo again tomorrow so I'm not sure when to expect that I'll have another post up.  But thank you all again for all of your sweet comments.  I read every single one and they so much to me!  Thank you all!


  1. Not only are you extremely talented but you are a strong and inspiring woman. I wish you the best of luck at this difficult time. You will be in my thoughts.
    Ayesha xx

  2. hey,

    your looks are amazing and always SO inspiring.
    your photos are perfect... can you please say, which camera do you use, to take the shots? that'd be awesome.


  3. Wow! I wouldn't have thought to put chartreuse at the edge of the navy blue like that; it's stunning!

  4. Gorgeous combo... good thoughts going with you... stay strong....

  5. Hi Sonja. Praying for you. Hope God is helping you through all your chemo therapy sessions.

  6. very pretty:)

  7. Beautiful! Good luck this week. I hope you feel Ok after your chemo. *hugs*

  8. Wow! Great combination of colours and that glitter is something else.

  9. This is so pretty, reminds me of Cinderella :)

  10. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing right now. What you have been posting is fantastic so please don't down it :). Well wishes and prayers to you and your family

  11. You have one of the most beautiful eye colors I have ever seen. They are just so striking. Best wishes with chemo, hope things go well the next few days. This is a beautiful look so be proud of what you do put forth, everything you do is gorgeous

  12. wish you all the best with your chemo! And pretty look btw, i'm a sucker for navy blues!

  13. Hello! I've been watching your blog and your looks are amazing!! I follow you on Blogger.

  14. just finding your blog and soooo glad taht i did! *from pigments and palettes* good luck with chemo babe, you are so talented with the makeup. feel better