Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten "Lovesick" Balm Stain Review and Look!

I'm sure by now you've heard about these Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains but I decided since I bought one, I'd share my opinion about it with you!  I bought mine at CVS one week, they retail there for $9.79.  My CVS was out of most colors so I went with a fushia color called "Lovesick."  It's a pretty color, a bit bolder than colors I usually go for but I figured it was worth a shot.

So here's what it looks like, it looks like a chubby, big crayon:

Here you can see it has tiny glitter flecks in it:

When I put it on, the color reminded me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Addis Ababa."  They do look a lot alike but the Revlon one is much more sheer, which would be expected from something called a "Balm Stain."

And here's a look I did wearing it.  I'm not sure what it is about fushia that makes me want to wear a black smokey eye.

I used the Naked palette for this look:
"Creep" on lid and above crease
Blended with "Naked"
"Virgin" to highlight
That's all.  Just 3 colors.

I really like the color.  I think it's fun, but it is pretty bright.  I feel like you can't tell how bold it is in these pictures.  I really liked the way it applied, it was very smooth.  I like that it has a slight sheen to it.  I applied it and then tried to wipe it off, just to see how it worked, and it stayed on, which is great and something my husband also appreciated because he's not a fan of wearing fushia lipstick haha.  However, after a few hours and after I ate something, most of the boldness of the color had worn off from the middle of my lips, but it was still bright around the edges, as if I'd lined my lips with this instead of applying it all over, which is not so much a good look.  I did find that my lips were still tinted this morning when I woke up.

These are supposed to be comparable to the Tarte Lipsurgence, which I've never tried so I personally cannot compare the two.  The only thing I can honestly compare is the price.  $9.79 for a Revlon one or $24 for a Tarte one... for me, that makes up my mind immediately, but I'm one who's always looking for something similar but less expensive anways.  I do like this product, I really like the idea of it.  I'm interested to try a more nude one, just to see how the color would hold up.  I was disappointed that the color had faded (though it wasn't completely gone) in the center of my lips because it just looked sloppy.

I can't speak for the less intense colors but I'd recommend this color, just as long as reapplying to the center of your lips after a meal doesn't upset you.  If it does, then pass on this guy!

Have you guys tried these?  What do you think of them?  What color is your favorite?


  1. I have several Tarte lip surgence and I am a fan. The pigmentation is much better than Revlons.

  2. Aw I love the look you created Sonja! It's beautiful with the smokey eye & bright lips- of course, EVERYTHING looks good on you! ;)

  3. I have to get one of these for my mom! Supposedly they're just as good as the clinique chubby sticks :D x

  4. 1) I love the simple makeup. I haven't worn a simple black-ish smokey eye in awhile but you are inspiring me to do otherwise. 2) I have the Pixi Balm Stain (Mr Hawk surprised me with it as a gift one day), and it's the first product of it's 'kind' (compared to Tarte's, Revlon's, etc) that I have owned/tried. I can say I really like these sort of balm-stain products for casual days when I want a hint of color but don't want to deal with lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, etc. :-) I do want to try the Revlon one eventually. :-)

  5. By the time I get my hands on them, there will be something new out, haha. Funny your swatch of Addis Ababa came out so soft looking haha, but I can see this balm stain would be a nice sheer approach. Love it with the smokey eye!!

  6. I had have the same issue with my Tarte Lipsurgence, it fades and leaves just the edges. Glad to know I can get the effect for only $10!

  7. I just love everything about this blog post,its really seem to be great and inspiring.